Water covers 71% of the Earth’s surface. In fact, the blue color of oceans and seas is the reason, why our planet looks blue from the space and has a name the Blue Planet. Water is vital for all forms of life. It also plays an important role in the world economy.

Water supplies are used for agriculture, fishing (in both salt and freshwater bodies), and long-distance transportation of commodities and manufactured products. It is also a central substance for many sports, such as swimming, boating, boat racing, surfing, and diving.

Water usually becomes the reason of political conflicts as well. Not all people on Earth have free access to safe water even nowadays. However, in 2006, the United Nations issued a report, which stated that there is enough water for everyone, but access to it is affected by mismanagement and corruption.

The organizations concerned with water protection include WaterAid, the International Water Association, the American Water Resources Association and Water 1st. They all undertake projects, which aim to use effective water management, to reduce poverty.

By the way, 96.5% of the planet’s water supplies lie in seas and oceans. And only 2.5% of it is freshwater, which, in fact, is mostly contained in ice covers. While there are many large bodies of water all over the planet earth, there are only five big oceans. 

5 Oceans

They are (in order of size):

Pacific Ocean

Atlantic Ocean

Indian Ocean

Southern Ocean

Arctic Ocean

5 Deepest Ocean Points

Mariana Trench, Pacific Ocean 35,827 ft

Puerto Rico Trench, Atlantic Ocean 30,246 ft

Java Trench, Indian Ocean 24,460 ft

South Sandwich Trench, Southern Ocean, 23,737 ft

Arctic Basin, Arctic Ocean 18,456 ft


Island Nations

Islands of Arctic Ocean

Islands of Atlantic Ocean

Islands of Caribbean

Islands of Indian Ocean

Islands of Pacific Ocean

Islands of Southern Ocean

Phantom Islands

Planet Earth 101

Total Surface Area of Earth (510,066,000 sq km)

Land Area on Earth (148,647,000 sq km)

Ocean Area (335,258,000 sq km) 

Total Water Area (361,419,000 sq km)

Type of Water (97% salt water and 3% freshwater)

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