The Islands of the Southern Ocean are located in the extreme south of earth and are the most dangerous in the entire world. The Southern Ocean stretches from 40º S to 70º S. Hauntingly chilling winds blow over most of the frozen land. As such, this place can be called an “ice desert.”

Places To Go

The Antarctic Peninsula has the South Shetland and the South Orkney islands, which are uninhabited. They are located in the northeast of the peninsula. The Ross Sea area has both the Scott island and the Balleny islands, both of which are also devoid of any population.

The Sub-Antarctic islands include the Falkland Islands, the South Sandwich Islands, the South Georgia Islands, the Marion Islands, and the Macquarie Islands.

Getting Here

Getting here is the biggest challenge. Winds make it difficult for planes to land. The frozen glaciers make it hard for ships to reach the ports. You need to be extremely careful and prepared if you embark on this voyage to this land of the unknown.

Falkland Islands

The Falkland Islands are worth a visit. They are one of the islands of the Southern Ocean that are inhabited. Enjoy the scenery of this unspoiled gem of nature.

Flights and cruise are two ways for you to get inside the islands. You need to have a permit to stay on the island overnight.

Marion Island

Marion Island can be only visited if you are in a relief team or a member of a research team. This is not deemed as a tourist destination.

Macquarie Island

The Macquarie Island comes under Australian territory. It is designated as a UNESCO world heritage site. By a cruise ship, you can enter the island. It has got abundant wildlife for you to explore.


Antarctica is one of the harshest places to survive. It is the gem of unpredictable extremes. But if you manage to get yourself here, you are one of the few lucky ones. You can visit lands that have yet to be discovered. You can see the penguins.

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