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Common Travel Questions

Neha in Maasai Mara Game Reserve Kenya Africa_Lion pride and cub_AOT

On a Safari in Maasai Mara, Kenya

What Is The Goal Of This Blog?

This blog strives to unite and empower a community of travel lovers and digital nomads. Plus, the Art of Travel is among the top 10 travel blogs on the Web.

On this website, you will discover valuable information about destinations worldwide, and learn a variety of travel tips and tricks.

We also feature travel stories from our readers from all over the world. If you are interested in writing or us, please contact us.

How Long Have You Been Blogging?

We have been blogging in some shape or form since 2007. The Art of Travel was launched in January 2016. You can read the full story on Our Story page.

How Can I Start My Own Travel Blog?

If you are thinking about starting a travel blog, keep in mind that it requires a lot of work and resources (time, money, team) if you really want it to be successful.

To begin, you wouldn’t need much but to grow your blog and audience, you will have to invest serious time and sometimes even money.

Below is a step-by-step process, if you want to be a travel blogger.

How To Start A Travel Blog:

  • Pick a good name for your blog
  • Buy the domain name – we bought this domain name from GoDaddy
  • Choose a hosting service – we host this site through Siteground & we recommend them
  • Learn how to use WordPress
  • If you are comfortable with WordPress, install WordPress for free
  • Get a great blog theme
  • Download useful plugins
  • If you are not comfortable with development and are not satisfied with free WordPress themes, then hire a WordPress developer/designer
  • Give your website requirement and have your hired contractors build a site for you
  • Take some travel blogging courses – we offer blogging courses as well. If interested, please contact us
  • Write and make money with your blog

The Basic Rules For Successful Blogging:

  • Be authentic and close to your readers
  • Use your Social Media to connect, but don’t use it to spam your followers
  • Create a business plan that works for you

If you are interested in starting your own blog but are unsure, you can start by writing for us and becoming a part of our team. 

Are You Real? Who Writes Your Blogs?

salil neha couple_AOT

We are real. 🙂 To learn the story behind the creators of The Art of Travel, check out Our Story page. We write a lot of our content but we also have a lot of guest bloggers write for us

This is one of the media pieces from Boston Voyager magazine covering our story.

Also, please visit the team page to view a list of all the members of our team and their bios.

You can find a list of our writers hereIf you would like to become a part of our writing team, click here for more information. 

How Can I Contact You?

You can always contact us through our website contact form if you have specific questions. Otherwise, information on how to stay in touch with us on our various platforms is below.

How can I stay in touch with you and your blog?

It’s great you’ve asked! There are 4 ways to do that:

  • Bookmark The Art of Travel website for easy access. We consistently update our destination guides and older blog posts and we also publish new content almost every week.
  • Subscribe to our newsletters and receive new updates straight to your mailbox. No spam! Just valuable information. You can do this on our website. 
  • Follow us on social media: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest.
  • Register on our Forum page and take part in discussions. Share your personal experience and get in touch with travelers from all around the world. Due to the overwhelming Spam, we have removed the Art of Travel Forum page. Instead, we now have a Facebook Group for all of you to connect and talk to each other.

Can You Post A Link To My Business?

The short answer is: Sorry, No.

That said, if you would like to help support our blog and your business offerings overlap with our reader’s interests, then you can write an article for our blog and include a link to your website at the bottom of the page in the author’s bio section.

Please keep in mind this would be considered and labeled as a Sponsored blog post. Moreover, we want to make it clear that the article should be of great value for our readers and should not read like an advertisement for a particular travel-related service, product, or business.

Can You Review Our Business/Product?

If you want to sponsor us and/or want us to try your products or services in exchange for an honest review or detailed blog post, please contact us.

Depending on how much effort it is, we can talk about the details through email.

Do You Make Money With Your Travel Blog? If So, How?

Yes, we do. One of the main ways we make money is through merchandise sales in our online store. We also have an Etsy store: The Art of Travel

We sell unique products designed specifically for travel addicts, digital nomads, adventurers, and wanderlusters like you. We design, make and sell travel clothing, luggage tags, accessories, and travel essentials for anyone who is a travel lover.

We also occasionally make money through sponsored blog posts, product reviews, and affiliate links.

I Have A Travel Blog. Can You Promote Me On Your Website?

Please contact us and we will discuss options. We reserve the right to promote or not promote, based on several factors that we can talk through email.

That said, if our audiences, content, and life values overlap, we are always happy to cross-promote! After all, the travel community is one big family! We are all somewhat crazy people!

I Want To Write A Guest Blog Post For You. What Do I Do?

We love it when readers write to us and share their travel experiences on our blog! If you want to join our team of writers, simply contact us and visit the ‘Write for Us‘ page for more information.

After you contact us we will get back to you to discuss details.

What Are The Top Travel Niches? Do You Keep Track Of Them?

Read: Top 40 Travel and Tourism Niches: Which One Are You?

This Is A Huge Website. How Do I Find What I Am Looking For?

Please visit the “Content Hierarchy” page to learn how our content is structured. Also, these pages will help you to quickly find what you need:

How Often Do You Read Books?

Personally, I read a lot. On average, I may finish up to 2 to 4 new books every month. A good book helps pass the time whether I am waiting in the airport, in-flight, or on a long bus ride. You can read anywhere.

I am also a movie lover so I watch a lot of films and documentaries. Reading also comes in handy when you travel a lot.

These days, you can also read by listening to an Audiobook. I use Audible and have a personal collection of over 200 Audiobooks.

Reading also adds to my perspective on things and the world. I love and enjoy learning about new cultures and places. Sometimes, I will read travel stories about a place I am about to visit.

Planning A Trip – FAQ

follow me_couple goals_relationship goals_neha salil_AOT

Us in Aruba

How Do I Start Traveling?

  • Make a firm decision
  • Save enough money or get a freelance job that allows you to work remotely 
  • Pick a destination
  • Book the flight and accommodation
  • Pack your bags
  • Leave
  • Have fun and share your story with us!

I Have Some Money And Time. Where Should I Go?

All roads are open to you. There is definitely a place you’ve always dreamt of visiting; some destination you’ve read about or seen in a movie?

If you have no idea where you want to go, surf our blog and check out our “Top 20 Most Visited Cities” article. If people from all over the world go to these places, chances are you will like them too.

Also, if your question is from a safety perspective, check out:

What Travel Guidebooks Do You Recommend For Planning A Trip?

We believe that the digital era has already arrived. So, it is best to use digital guidebooks and mobile apps, which provide the necessary planning information.

Our Destination Guides, other Travel Blogs and oftentimes some social media pages offer excellent information and hidden gems. We prefer that sort of information over buying and reading a printed (or digital) guidebooks.

Please note, you will find a full list of useful apps on our Resources and Travel Hacks pages. Also, don’t forget to make our website a bookmark on your mobile device.

We also offer valuable travel advice and useful information for almost every destination (which will help you on your journey).

Do You Have Any Packing Tips?

We have a collection of packing tips on our Travel Hacks page. You should really check it out! Also, please check out:

What Resources Do You Use To Plan Your Travel Destinations?

If you are going to a new destination, buy a guidebook or download a digital version. We also recommend that you talk to people who have already visited the destination. You can also find useful information online at a variety of websites.

Please check out our interactive world map where you can gather more information about destinations around the world.

Make sure, if possible, to visit the travel/consulate website of the country you are visiting to stay up to date on breaking travel-related news.

How To Combat Jet Lags

Read: 17 Proven Tips On How To Combat Jet Lag Naturally

How Much In Advance Should I Start Planning My Trip?

You should start planning for about two months before the trip. At this time, you will be able to buy airplane tickets at the best price and book the best deals on hotels.

Plus, you will have enough time to organize everything and plan your trip so that you do not forget something vital.

Although, depending on your finances and your work, you may need to start saving and requesting time off sooner than two months prior to your trip. 

Money For Travel – FAQ


Money doesn’t solve everything but it sure does solve your money problems

How Can I Make Money While Traveling?

If you are skilled in writing or photography, you can try to sell your works to travel magazines or websites.

However, you should arrange this in advance. Contact the magazines, newspapers, websites, both local and international, to see if they are ready to buy your content.

There are also other jobs, which you can do while traveling. The freelance world offers multiple opportunities. You can check out freelance websites to explore further options, such as:

If your job allows you to work remotely (outside of the office) then all you need is your laptop. So look into remote jobs as well.

I Am Thinking About Quitting My Job And Traveling The World. What Should I Know?

Just one thing: don’t quit your job (yet), unless you have a good backup plan.

If you can do your job outside of the office, it’s a perfect middle ground. Otherwise, you should find a freelance job or save up a trust fund of sorts before you leave everything behind.

If you do not make proper preparations you’ll be very disappointed after a couple of months of travel. It’s better to travel as you continue to earn (be it from a job or from passive income).

How Can I Afford To Travel?

  • Earn (more) money
  • Spend less (than your current spending)
  • Invest (for maximizing your capital over the long-term)

Furthermore, read the following blogs that we have put together on this topic.

How Much Does It Cost To Go To…[X]?

To answer this question, we need more information. Do you prefer to travel on a budget or luxuriously? Do you prefer to live in a hostel or a hotel suite? Do you fly in a business class or ride a bus?

Check our Destination Guides as part of your travel planning and research.

Moreover, you can check our Travel Calculator where you will find some fun info about your travel goals in terms of budget and time.

How Can I Calculate How Much I Will Spend While Traveling?

There are various mobile apps that help you to do just that. You can install TripSaver or a similar app.

You can find a comprehensive list of useful apps on our Resources and Travel Hacks pages.

How Can I File My US Taxes While Living Or Traveling Abroad?

There are multiple online services that allow you to do that. You can choose IRS, H&R Block or Turbo Tax, whichever is preferable to you. In a nutshell, you don’t have to be physically present in the US to file your annual federal or state taxes.

How Can I Convert My Dollars (Currency) Into…?

If you know the destination you are headed to, visit the page for that location on our website, and you will find all the necessary information there.

We don’t recommend using currency exchange kiosks at most US airports. It’s best to pay using your no-international-transaction-fee Credit Card or using PayPal (if available) or converting the cash at the destination.

Usually, banks will give you a better currency conversion rate than any kiosks at an airport or shopping mall.

Note: You can access all of our destination travel guides from the interactive world map.

Traveling On Budget – FAQ

danish-currency-danish-kroner_danish coins_money_bills_oresund_denmark_metal_unique_PD

Is It Possible To Travel On A $1,000 USD/Month Budget?

Although it may not seem like a large amount of money, in fact, $1000 USD a month is enough to travel around the world. Of course, some people can spend $10,000 USD a month on travel while others will live off just $500 USD.

In most countries, $1,000 a month is considered enough amount to live comfortably and easily get around.

For example, $1,000 USD in India is a higher-middle-class median income. And it is so in most South American, Asian, and African countries around the world.

If you spend wisely and live modestly, you’ll feel “rich” if you can afford to spend $1000 USD per month while living/traveling abroad (in most of the world).

Is It Possible To Travel On A Budget And Still Try The Best Of The Country’s Cuisine?

Of course! Eating local food is always cheaper, and you gain valuable experience too. You just need to follow these rules:

  • Eat where the locals eat
  • Avoid cafes and restaurants in tourist areas; they are usually overpriced
  • Look for Couchsurfing opportunities and ask your host for recommendations
  • Likewise, if you are staying in Airbnbs, ask your host for suggestions
  • You can even buy food in the local supermarket and try to cook something yourself
  • Don’t miss the street food (if you feel safe)

Is Budget Travel Only For Young People? Cad I Travel On A Budget If I Am Older?

We believe budget traveling doesn’t depend on your age. There are women who fly low-cost airlines and live in hostels even in their 60’s.

Just because it is not as common doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try. Even if you are traveling with your family, we don’t see any reasons why you can’t travel on a budget if you plan ahead and do your research beforehand.

Which Destinations Maximize Your Budget? Any Recommendations?

According to popular opinion, the cheapest and most attractive tourist destinations are in Southeast Asia. You won’t be able to find a better deal: the prices are low, and you get a lot for your money while you are there.

Also, the food, the climate, the beaches, and the people’s hospitality are just wonderful.

India is another great destination for budget tourists. China and Eastern Europe also have appealing budget locations, so are most South American destinations.

What Is Some Good Advice For Those Who Don’t Believe They Can Afford To Travel?

There are people in the world who can’t travel because they are really poor and don’t even have enough money for food or clothes.

But if you buy new clothes regularly, go to the movies sometimes, and eat in a restaurant occasionally, then you can afford to travel.

You might have to cut down on expenses, work more, or travel on a low budget; however, it is totally worth the effort.

Also, there are opportunities where you can work and travel. For more details please visit our Digital Nomads page.

Does Budget Travel Always Mean Cheap Travel?

Budget traveling means getting the most value for every dollar you spend. It’s not always about being cheap.

You can have as much fun when traveling on a budget as you do on an expensive trip. Sometimes, it is more fun. Not spending money where you shouldn’t allow you to travel longer and at your terms.

Is It True That Traveling With A Group Is Cheaper Than Traveling Alone?

It is true. Very often, renting accommodations for three or more people is cheaper than living alone or even as a couple. This applies to buying food and renting a car, negotiating a tour cost to expensive places, and so on.

Traveling in a group is also more fun if all of you are like-minded and already know each other! Moreover, if you haven’t traveled much before, a group will provide you a sense of safety and comfort.

On the flip side, if you are an adventurous soul one who likes to keep control of the situations and the logistics, then group travel may not be a good idea for you!

Personally speaking, 90% of our travels are as a couple! We like to go the extra mile and don’t mind physical discomfort and are mildly risk-takers.

But if we are going on a cruise, we don’t mind traveling as a group! In fact, it’s more fun with a group of people if the goal is to just relax and chill and chit chat!

How Can I Travel For FREE?

You can’t travel for free in an absolute sense! Even if you are not spending money, you would be exchanging your time and labor for money! You know what I mean.

That said, there are a lot of options to travel without spending much money.  Numerous volunteer projects offer this opportunity. There are such variants as WWOOF, WorkAway, or HelpX, where you work for accommodation.

Another popular method (which we personally recommend) is either studying or teaching abroad. Check out our Resources page to find out more.

Also, if your job allows remote-work, we recommend taking full advantage of that! That way, we can bring the cost of your travel to a bare minimum while still earning your paychecks!

What Is The Cheapest Way To…?

Cheapest is not always the best way. We always look for a combination of a reasonable price and high quality, and you should too.

It may seem impossible, but you can find quality without breaking your budget, you just have to know where to look. Read our blog to learn how.

Also, be careful with what appears cheap. An inexpensive flight could also mean taking a night taxi to get to the airport, or booking a hotel for a 30-hour layover, or even parking a car at the airport.

These unexpected costs can make a seemingly inexpensive flight quite pricey.

Destinations Related – FAQ


The world is a giant book and those who…

What Should I See In…? What Can I Do For FREE In…?

We have valuable information about all of the most popular world destinations on our blog, and some of the less popular spots too.

However, if you need information about somewhere specific, you can either search on our blog or write a comment asking us to write about that destination if we haven’t already covered it yet.

What Is Your Favorite Destination?

It’s always changing! We have over 10 people on our team. Together we have visited at least half of the world.

Everyone has his or her own personal favorite places on Earth. We prefer to think of ourselves as citizens of the world and so we can’t pick only one country or city.

That said, some of the Destinations we would like to highlight are:

When Is The Best Time To Go To…?

The best time to go anywhere is when it suits you and when you are ready. Of course, every destination has a high and low season.

During the low season, the weather can be bad and tourist facilities may be closed. On the other hand, everything tends to be cheaper this time of year.

During the high season, you are sure to meet huge tourist crowds, overpriced services, and overbooked hotels.

So, it’s all up to you. There is no perfect time to go anywhere; it all depends on what you want from your trip. 

Flights & Airlines – FAQ


Get me that last-minute deal

Can I Fly Internationally Without A Return Ticket?

This depends on the airline. Some are really strict and won’t even let you onboard without proof of a continuing ticket.

However, every country has its own rules and regulations. In any case, if possible, you would be wise to get a refundable airline ticket or a cheap bus ticket just to satisfy them.

Are There Money Saving Hacks For Purchasing Airline Tickets?

Absolutely! In fact, the airplane ticket cost is a big chunk of your travel spending. You will find plenty of money-saving hacks on our Travel Hacks page. Also, read:

I Noticed That Fares Go Up When Your Search The Same Destination Repeatedly. Why Is That?

There is evidence that airlines raise prices by tracking your computer’s IP address. To avoid this, you should clear your browser’s history and cookies or use the “incognito” window while you browse.

Also, sometimes, you can search for flights on google flights and if you see something that seems higher than average price, set up a price alert and when the prices go down, you can then buy your tickets.

Can I Give My Mileage Or Rewards Points To My Relatives?

Yes, you sure can, but generally only up to a restricted amount. Different airlines and rewards system may have different rules.

Sometimes, they may also charge you a transfer fee. Fees vary depending on the airline

Accommodations – FAQ


Pricey doesn’t necessarily mean better or safer

Do Accommodations Charge Extra For Solo Travelers?

Some do, but many of them don’t. Also, if a single room in a hotel is too expensive for you, you can always book a bed in a hostel dormitory.

You can also look into Couchsurfing and Airbnb for booking your accommodations if you are traveling solo!

PS: If you are on Couchsurfing, connect with us.

PPS: Please use our Airbnb referral link to book your next stay we both will get between $35 USD each. If you want to earn money with Airbnb by being a host, please use my host referral link, and we both will get up to $100 USD each!

How Do You Decide Where To Stay?

This is not an easy decision. However, when picking your accommodations, consider these factors:

  • Location
    • Pick lodging that is close to public transport routes or your intended destinations
  • Room Types
    • Often hotels sell single rooms at cheaper rates than doubles. Also, the bed type and whether the room has a nice view out of the window or not affects prices
  • Safety
    • Look at the neighborhood safety, and ensure the accommodation has a 24-hour reception and a safe/locker in the room

What Is A Hostel? Is It Safe?

A hostel is an inexpensive form of lodging, which looks like a student dormitory. At hostels you share a big room with other travelers.

Some hostels also offer private rooms, but they are still cheaper compared to hotels.

Hostels can be used as both short-term and long-term accommodations, as most of them provide equipped kitchens and laundry facilities.

Usually, this kind of accommodation is popular among younger travelers, although most facilities don’t have an age limit.

Is Staying At A Hostel Safe? What About The Movie “Hostel”?

Never believe movies, especially in the horror genre. First of all, Eastern Europe looks nothing like how it is shown in the film ‘Hostel’.

Secondly, we can’t lie, there are some horrible hostels and they can be found at cheap destinations as well as inexpensive cities such as Paris, New York, and London.

All you need to do to avoid trouble is read reviews carefully and use trustworthy booking websites, like Booking.Com or HostelWorld.

Of course, sometimes something can still slip through, but if you follow this advice it is unlikely.

Hostels are cheap, they remind you of college, and they are an easy way to meet new people. However, you should come prepared with flip flops for the shower and a padlock for your locker.

How Do I Select A Good Hostel To Stay In If I’ve Never Been To One?

Go to HostelWorld or and read the feedback carefully. Sometimes, you can miss something important but just read through the reviews carefully and you should be alright.

If necessary, you can always use TripAdvisor as a backup for reading additional reviews too.

Lastly, keep in mind, since reviews can be gamed, always make sure to do a google search of the place or tour that your booking with negative keywords such as a “scam”, “fake”, etc. just to be on the safe side.

Travel Visa – FAQ

green card visa free travel_travel visa stamp_US_green card_PD

Travel visa can be a pain in the rear

Does Your Blog Have Information About Travel Visas?

Yes. Our site offers information about visas, including how to apply for a tourist visa and articles answering common questions. We have several articles rank at the top of Google’s Page 1 on Travel Visa.

Some resources:

How Can I Stay In A Country Longer Than My Tourist Visa Allows?

You have to leave and come back with a visa extension. In some cases, like in Thailand, you can just cross the border, go to another country and then come back.

For other places, it is more complicated and you may have to file a form for an extension. The best way, however, is to obtain a long-term, multiple-entry visa before arrival.

Which Country Has The Strictest Immigration And Border Crossing?

It is hard to say for sure but it is probably the United Kingdom and the United States. Their border control officers always ask several grueling questions.

Plus, you need to have serious proof of your onward travel and many people get denied entrance anyway.

Health And Safety – FAQ


What Should I Do To Stay Healthy And Fit During My Trips?

It highly depends on each person’s individual health state and habits. However, here is some basic advice:

  • Drink a lot of water, in hot climates particularly
  • Don’t abuse alcohol
  • Avoid fatty food, especially before the flight
  • Find time to work out

What About Vaccinations And Risk Of Malaria And Other Diseases?

You should never mess with your health. If you are going to an exotic destination, you should have all the vaccinations and take all the pills your doctor recommends.

Also, when you are traveling, it is always better to be over-prepared and over-concerned than under-prepared or ignorant. Many parts of the world still have easily preventable diseases rampant in the local population.

Sometimes, it is the mosquitoes or the wildlife. If you can manage, avoid eating meat and stick to a vegetarian diet as much as possible.

Is There A Chance Of Getting Sick From Eating Food From Street Vendors?

Yes, there is always a risk of getting sick from eating almost anything. You should be cautious and apply common sense, but don’t be over paranoid.

Ask the local people where they go out to eat and which local streets are best to explore the local cuisine. They will be able to suggest a decent place which is not pricey, is authentic and is also safe!

I Hear That Human Trafficking Is Great Danger Nowadays. Should I Be Worried?

Unfortunately, it is true. Human trafficking has been going on for millennia. Kidnapping is a real business in many underdeveloped and developing countries.

However, it doesn’t impact the tourists as much. That said, keep in mind the following:

  • As a tourist, you are more likely to be (financially) scammed than kidnapped
  • Do not share your live whereabouts on your social media when traveling. Share after you trip is over.
  • Do your homework on who is suppose to pick you up at the airport and what they look like, their names, etc.
  • Don’t show off your wealth when traveling in foreign countries
  • Remember is to keep your passport to yourself and always have a copy (both printed and digital)

The 99.999% of us will be fine and never encounter anything like this. And, for the 99.999% of your travel, you’ll be fine!

Is Traveling Solo Dangerous For A Woman?

We hear this question a lot. We could also ask “Is it dangerous for a woman to go to a supermarket alone?” Safety during travel doesn’t really depend on gender.

At the Art of Travel, we don’t encourage gender stereotypes. Women do not travel differently than men.

Of course, in some places, you need to be a little more careful than in the others. As a rule, you just need to follow a few simple safety rules.

Visit our Adventure Travel page for more information on solo travel.

You can also read our articles:

How Can I Keep My Money And Valuables Safe While Traveling?

If you travel alone, you are your own safe and bodyguard. Try to keep an eye on all your valuables. Spread your cash out and put it in different places.

Many experienced travelers use money belts, and that’s a great idea. Anyway, you shouldn’t have all your money in cash, or all that cash in one place.

This is particularly true if you are on a long trip. Take debit and credit cards with you, but remember to check if your destination has ATMs.

Always have a backup debit card hidden somewhere in your main luggage, in case you lose the first one or it gets stolen. In a hotel, it is better to keep all your valuables in a safe or a locker.

When you are out, don’t flash your valuables in public without necessity. Always get good travel insurance so you are covered in the case of an unpredictable situation.

How Can I Convince My Family Not To Worry About Me?

If you travel often, naturally your family and friends will be worried about you. If you want to convince them that traveling isn’t dangerous, here are a few things you can try:

  • Have a serious conversation and find out what concerns them
  • Let them in on the planning process
  • Decide on the communication methods you will use when you are gone
  • Invite them to go with you

How Can You Make Sure To Feel Safe While Traveling Alone?

There is a difference between being safe and feeling safe. So, if you want to be safe there are basic rules, which you should respect. For a full list, check out our Adventure Travel page, the solo travel section in particular.

If you have trouble feeling safe, there may be a psychological problem you are suffering from, so you will need to see a specialist.

Is It Safe To Travel To…?

You should check with official resources for this kind of information, this includes travel bureaus and consulate websites.

Our Resources page has some useful links on travel safety as well, don’t miss it.

I Am Very Close To My Family But I Want To Travel. How Can I Stay In Touch With Them?

Thanks to modern technology, staying in touch with our loved ones couldn’t be easier. Apart from regular phone calls, you’ve got Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, and many other avenues to contact your friends and family.

The biggest difficulty in communication comes from the difference in time zones. If you can coordinate specific times to talk with your family, you will have no problem staying in touch.

Sometimes you have to be prepared to be out of cell service or Wi-Fi depending on your destination, but you can discuss this with your family before you leave. 

Local Culture And Language – FAQ

amazon rainforest indian tribe_PD

An Amazonian tribe

Has Traveling Become Harder? Is It More Difficult To Make Local Connections And Absorb Local Culture Now?

Of course, nowadays people are much more tied to their gadgets and consequently, communication can be harder. On the other hand, with the help of electronics, you can reduce your homesickness and feel closer to home.

Also, making acquaintance with locals has never been easier. Couchsurfing, Airbnb, and Meetups are handy services, which will help you greatly while traveling.

An added perk of using these services is that they allow you to meet locals in your destination.

How Can You Overcome The Language Barrier?

Language is usually not such a big deal, especially if you know English. In every corner of the world, you can typically find someone who speaks it. In popular tourist areas, people commonly speak English as a second language.

This is particularly true for people who work in the tourism industry. In some situations, you can also rely on the language of gestures to communicate when needed.

How Can I Meet New People And Make New Connections While Traveling?

If you want to meet new people while traveling, there are several ways to do so:

  • Stay in communal places, such as hostels, or use Couchsurfing or Airbnb to stay with locals.
  • Attend local meetups for travelers. For example, Couchsurfing organizes these types of events in cities worldwide. 
  • Join a group activity, such as a free tour, a cooking class, or an excursion.
  • Search on for local activities. It is a great way to meet locals with similar interests.
  • Let your Twitter and Facebook friends know where you are headed. Let people know you will be in their location and want to meet and spend some quality time together. Maybe some locals will contact you themselves.

Can I Really Absorb The Culture And Get To Know Locals Without Speaking Their Language?

Without much communication, it is hard, you are right. However, you can always use sign language or find English-speakers.

Use such websites as Couchsurfing or Meetups, to find other people who speak English.

Working And Studying Abroad – FAQ

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I Am Thinking Of Studying/Working Abroad. What Do You Recommend?

You can check out our Resources page for useful links about studying/working abroad. We recommend that you choose some unusual destination and have a totally different experience than any of your friends.

Become a Peace Corps volunteer in some third-world country or attend a university in Eastern Europe, for example, Poland or the Czech Republic. Australia, Africa, South America – the whole world is open for you!

What Options Are There For Working Abroad?

There are numerous opportunities for working abroad. You can teach, become an au pair, work on a boat or a cruise ship – all these options give you a chance to both earn some money and see the world.

Check out our Resources page for more information.

What Is The Best Advice You Can Give A Student Who Wants To Travel?

If you are a student and you dream about traveling, try studying abroad for a semester or two. This opportunity will give you access to the best cities in foreign countries.

You will be able to dive deeply into the local culture. You will gain new friends, valuable experience and an endless list of opportunities.

How Can I Work Overseas Without A Dual Citizenship?

You need to apply for a work visa in advance. All countries require a work-permit/work-visa for foreign workers. Without one, no one will hire you.

For some countries, short-term work permit visas are available by online application. Do an online search for the specific country you are planning to travel to.

General Travel Questions – FAQ


How Do I Get Over Feeling Awkard When Doing Things Alone?

Of course, getting a table for one, going to a cinema by yourself or asking for help in the street alone can be very awkward. But you need to overcome this fear. How? Just do it. Take a book with you when you eat in a restaurant alone.

Don’t be afraid to ask people on the street for help. Hold your head high when walking into a cinema or a festival alone.

There is no reason to feel ashamed about traveling alone, many people do it, and it is a rich and rewarding experience. And don’t forget that people around you are just strangers and you will never see them again!

Do You Know Anyone Who Travels With A Pet?

We don’t happen to know a lot of people who travel with their pets. These people exist, but you probably won’t see them in hostels.

Most hotels don’t allow their guests to bring their animals either; this is particularly true of budget hotels. In luxury accommodations, you are certainly allowed to do whatever you want and to come with whoever you want.

How Can I Deal With The Inevitability Of Coming Home From A Trip?

It all depends on the trip. Sometimes you get homesick and want to see your family and friends so much that you are really happy to go home.

However, if you are depressed after coming home from a trip, try filling your time with something: take a class, learn something new.

It can take a little while to readjust to home after a trip so give yourself some time. If nothing helps, do the easiest thing: just buy a ticket and head somewhere new!

What Is Your Advice On Booking Your Tickets Or Tours Through Travel Agents?

Travel agencies can be useful for some trips, such as weddings, cruises, honeymoons, group tours, etc. But in all the other situations, you will find much better deals by yourself.

Personally, we rarely book anything through an agent.

Should I Travel Alone Or With A Group Of Friends?

It totally and completely depends on you. Traveling with a group of friends is usually cheaper, because you can rent a car or an apartment and split the price instead of booking a single room in a hotel or flying everywhere.

It is also more fun! However, if you are a little bit of an anti-social person, you will probably feel more comfortable traveling alone, or with a person you love.

If you prefer to travel solo, you should check out our Adventure Travel page, the solo travel section particularly. There you will find useful advice about traveling alone.

Should I Take A Group Tour Or Explore A New Place Independently?

It’s up to you. If you don’t feel confident when traveling independently even within your own country, then an organized tour will probably be a better option for you. But! We assume you’ll never know if you like independent travel if you never try.

Of course, if you travel independently you will have more to arrange and organize. In exchange, you get more freedom, fun, valuable experiences, knowledge, and it is also likely that you will spend less on the same trip!

What Do You Do If You Get Tired Od Traveling? If Everything Starts Looking Like You’ve Already Seen It Before?

If you start to get tired of traveling, then stop. Take a break and stay in one place for a while. When you feel that the desire to travel has returned, then pack up and hit the road again.

There is no need to push yourself, traveling is meant to be a joyful experience, so take as long as you need to rest and recuperate.

Personally, we have not yet had this feeling so we don’t really know what it feels like. We still have a LOT of places we want to see before we die! One thing perhaps that works for us to keep our wanderlust alive is traveling to different geographies, cultures, and in different seasons!

For example, if you are tired of seeing the museums and cafes of Europe, then try South America or South East Asia! If you are tired of skiing, then go to the deserts of Sahara or Namibia!

If you are tired of crowded places, go for a safari or visit the National Parks! Immerse yourself in the vastness of Alaska or Chile! If you mix your travel destinations, you will not get bored easily!

Read: Top 100 Places Most People Want to Travel To

Will Not Having A College Degree Affect My Ability To Travel? Can I Study And Get A Degree Online While On The Road?

If you do not have a college degree that will not impact your travel at all. No one will ask for your diploma when you check into a hotel or buy an airplane ticket.

Also, getting a degree online is quite easy now. We are living in the digital era, right? Ideally, you should take advantage of gap years and try for doing some semesters abroad!

You don’t have to drop out of college to travel. Use your summer and winter breaks! Take a semester or year off and go out to a different country and do some volunteering work!

This will not only improve your experience of college but will also help your resume and employability!

I Am Thinking About Quitting College And Traveling. Should I Do It?

First, please read the question above and our answer to that. Next, this is totally up to you, but we don’t recommend.

It is never too late to start traveling. You can always try yourself as a travel blogger or a travel photographer. It may seem easy, but it’s really not.

Starting and developing a travel blog requires a huge effort and, most importantly, money. Also, most people give up quickly, not receiving the result immediately.

However, education will never be a bargain and may become a great backup plan in many life situations. So, think twice before quitting and don’t rush into anything.

How Do You Cope With Loneliness When Traveling Alone?

Traveling alone has its pros and cons. Sometimes you can feel lonely. On the other hand, while traveling you always meet new people and have new experiences, so it is hard to feel totally alone.

Nevertheless, if you feel down, avoid sightseeing for a day and just stay in your hostel watching a movie. There is always someone to talk to in a hostel kitchen while sipping a cup of hot tea or coffee.