The Islands of Atlantic Ocean are hard to differentiate. Most of the islands of the Bahamas and the Lucayan islands are geographically in the Atlantic Ocean, but they are known as Caribbean islands regarding tourism. The Islands of Atlantic Ocean fall either in the northern hemisphere or the southern hemisphere.

In the northern Atlantic, you can find the volcanic islands of Azores. Many people from BrazilUSA, and Europe migrate to these islands. Getting around is easy since every island is accessible. This is due to excellent air travel from both America and Europe.

Important cities worth a visit are Horta, Angra do Heroismo and Ponta Delgada. Bermuda is an island to the east of North Carolina. It is in the northern hemisphere. Bermuda still holds evidence of the British colonial empire. The capital city is Hamilton. International flights are common here. Cruises to Bermuda are available from many major US cities, such as Miami and Boston.

Fernando de Noronha is a heaven for tourists. The stretch of white sandy beaches in the vibrant Atlantic coasts are a must visit. It is also one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites. Twenty-one islands make up this South Atlantic island. You can move through, due to the use of ports. Inside the mainland, buses are a cheap way to travel around. São Tomè and Príncipe are other beautiful islands. São Tome is the bigger of the two. The Príncipe island is made up of many small islets. Once a Portuguese colony, it now struggles with its economy. International flights land here thrice a week. You can get around the islands using a boat.

Greenland is the largest island not just in the Atlantic Ocean, but in the whole world. And, over the recent decades, it is also becoming a popular tourist destination. Despite the geographical proximity to North America, Greenland is more often associated with Europe, particularly in political and cultural ways. The reason is it being de-jure under Danish rule and having another European country, Iceland, just nearby. 

Enjoy your visit and adventure!

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