Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory. It is in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is also east of North America. The country lies to the northwest of Cabo Verde, to the southeast of New York City, and to the northwest of Brazil, Suriname, Guyana and French Guiana.

This island country contains over 138 islands and islets. All the major islands are aligned on a hook-shape.  Road bridges connect these islands. The capital city is Hamilton.

The official currency is Bermuda Dollar. US Dollars are accepted widely. However, you will probably get the change in local currency. If you have other currency, the exchange is possible in banks and bureaus de change. It is illegal to change currency on the black market. Hotels, shops, and restaurants accept all major credit cards. ATMs are also widely available across the island.

Foreigners can’t drive cars in Bermuda. On the other hand, the taxis are plentiful. They all have meters and the rates are regulated by the government. You can also use the island’s public bus system. 

In Bermuda, they use electric sockets and plugs of types A and B. The standard voltage is 120V. So, you don’t need to bring an adapter, if you come from the USA. 

The best time to visit Bermuda is from spring to autumn. The island is an associate member of the Caribbean Community. However, it is not actually in the Caribbean Sea. It has an entirely different climate. It is also much farther north.

The warm waters of the Gulf Stream help to give it a quasi-tropical atmosphere. Bermuda weather is both mild and humid. Technically, this is known as a subtropical maritime climate.  Gales and high winds are common in winter. Also beware of hurricanes, which are in season from June through November.

Bermuda’s culture includes the features of Native American, Spanish-Caribbean, English, Irish and Scottish cultures. Country’s proximity to the United States means that it also inherited many aspects of the US culture.

Music and dance are important in Bermuda. When in the second half of the 20th-century tourism industry in Bermuda started to develop, West Indian musicians introduced calypso music to the visitors. As for another modern music style, reggae, the locals appreciated it as much, as the tourists. The colorful Gombey dances, influenced by African, Caribbean, British and Native American traditions, are performed at different events, both domestic and international.

The island is famous for its gorgeous beaches.  Excellent sightseeing opportunities await you! You will find both beautiful pink sand beaches and fascinating historical forts. The scenic town of St. George is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is also the oldest continually inhabited British settlement in the New World. 

Experience perfect weather, incredible beaches, and enjoy the sights. However, make sure you plan your trip outside of hurricane season. Exciting travel awaits you!

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