The Ancient Greeks believed that the Atlantic Ocean surrounded the world. Thus, they named it Atlantis.

Geographically, both Europe and Africa are on its eastern border. The Americas are to the west. The Norwegian Sea, the Denmark Strait, and the Greenland Sea connect the Atlantic Ocean and the Arctic Ocean.

The Atlantic is the second largest ocean on Earth with 106,400,000 square kilometers of surface area. It covers 20% of the Earth’s surface and contains 29% of the water surface. It also separates the “New World” from the “Old World”.

The ocean is divided by the Equatorial Counter Current into the North Atlantic Ocean and the South Atlantic Ocean. The northern waters move in a clockwise direction, while the southern waters flow in a counter-clockwise direction. This wonder is known as the Coriolis effect. In the south region of the ocean, you will also find diurnal waves.

Oceans affect the climate of the surrounding areas. Cold water currents bring the freezing temperatures of Eastern Canada. The Gulf Stream warms the luxurious British Isles. The frequency of hurricanes is much higher in the North Atlantic than it is in the south.

Scientific projects, held in the Atlantic Ocean, include the Challenger expedition, Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, the German Meteor expedition and the United States Navy Hydrographic Office.

The salt waters of the Atlantic are a high-traffic area. Travel here is much greater than in the Pacific Ocean. North America and South America also connect here. The search for the mythical Atlantis has increased interest as well. Sailors have been intrigued by Atlantis for centuries, and many seek it. There is no better starting point than the Atlantic Ocean itself!

Cruising along the Atlantic, you will reach beautiful ports such as Malabo, Cape Town, Montreal, Costa Rica, and Kingstown, to name a few. You will experience the Bermuda Triangle and the Ridge Effect.

There are many secrets to uncover on your tour. However, be sure to stay mindful of hurricanes to ensure your safety. Bon Voyage!

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