South America was the last inhabited of all seven continents. It is the fourth-largest, but it has the largest river, the tallest mountains (excluding Asia), and the largest rainforests. Furthermore, it has varied natural landscapes. The snowy glory of Patagonia is breathtaking. The sunny beaches of Brazil are warm and refreshing. South America has busy metropolises as well as remote islands. Have your pick!

It is surrounded by the South Pacific Ocean in the west and the South Atlantic Ocean in the east. The Caribbean Sea flanks the continent on the north. Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, French Guinea, Suriname, and Ecuador are the northern part of the continent. In the south are Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay. Lastly, Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Peru are the central region.

Important cities include La Paz (highest national capital), Montevideo, Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Caracas, and Bogota. Natural attractions include Easter Islands, Galapagos Islands, the Andes, and Machu Picchu.

Getting Around:

Moving across borders by air is expensive. However, domestic flights are not costly. You can take the bus to travel between countries, which is both cheap and provides you with a scenic view.

English and French can help you get around in most of the countries in South America. Though it is a surprise that Spanish and Portuguese are the official languages of many countries. The locals are friendly, and they tend to welcome visitors.

Places to Visit:

You can go on many adventures here including trekking, rafting, hiking, biking, bungee jumping, and parasailing. However, it is possible to enjoy your time in South America without the adrenaline rush. Visit the ruins of Machu Pichu to take a trip back in time. If history is your cup of tea, visit the colonial remnants in Colombia. The beautiful Iguazu Falls are awe-inspiring. To enrich your knowledge of flora and fauna, visit Canaima National Park. Lastly, don’t forget to take a look at the Angel falls rushing down from an impressive height of 978 meters.

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