Costa Rica is the most visited destination in Central America alongside Belize. It is lush green and also has world’s third most active volcano. The country boasts hot springs, the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the Caribbean Sea to the east. Travelers here can enjoy the rainforests, plenty of beautiful beaches, secluded romantic getaways, rich biodiversity and more.

Things To Do In Costa Rica

Similar to Hawaii, Costa Rica is a place that requires multiple trips to see it all. Though it is a small country, there are many things to do, see and explore. It’s not Taiwan or Singapore or Panama. You’ll find that it is more like Japan; small but too rich to be covered in a single voyage. Costa Rica can be divided into six regions:

1. North Costa Rica: A sparsely populated region, the north is beautiful and mountainous. It is most famous for the semi-active Arenal volcano, the surrounding hot springs (Tabacon and Baldi), volcanic lakes, and Monteverde Cloud Forests.

2. Guanacaste: This is the “dry and sunny region” of Costa Rica, with little rain any time of year. It has fabulous beaches such as Conchal, Brasilito, Hermosa, etc; and some large volcanic and dry forest parks in the north by the Nicaraguan border.

3. Central Pacific:  This region is home to both well-known Costa Rican beaches and national parks. It is perhaps one of the most tourist-oriented parts of Costa Rica, along with Guanacaste.

4. Central Valley: This area is mostly urban. It includes both San Jose and Heredia. Many museums, churches and also a few volcanoes are close to this region.

5. Limon (Caribbean side): This is the least traveled region of the country, largely due to its relative isolation. Despite this, there are still significant opportunities for whitewater rafting and sea turtle spotting. There are many beautiful secluded beaches here as well.

6. South Pacific: Here, you’ll find one of the most biodiverse environments on the planet, full of exotic endemic flora and fauna. You’ll also encounter some of the world’s most beautiful and remote tropical beaches.

Power Plug & Socket Type

Check whether you would need a travel adapter or not? In Costa Rica, the power sockets are of type A and B. It’s the same as used in the United States of America. The standard voltage is 120 volts and the standard frequency is 60 Hz.

Driving & Road Conditions

When we visited Costa Rica, we rented a 4×4 SUV and we are glad that we did it. Taxis are cheap and most places have bus connection or transportation options available. But keep in mind, if you are short on time and have some extra cash to spare, I would recommend renting your own vehicle. Gas is more or less cheap.

You drive on the right side of the road, just as in the US or the rest of South America. For a complete list, read more on all of the countries that drive on the right side.

Note: In remote parts (which is most of Costa Rica), road conditions are challenging, to say the least. There are many potholes in the road, plus sometimes the roads are nothing more than an uneven dirt road. Between San Jose and other major cities (Liberia, Jaco, Quepos), the roads are fine and the speed limit is often 80 to 90 km per hour.

Can I use US dollars in Costa Rica?

The short answer is yes, US dollars are accepted in Costa Rica. There’s no reason to change money in advance because dollars are commonly used and accepted in Costa Rica from the taxis to the restaurants to the hotels to the tour companies. Bring $20 bills or smaller in good condition. As you would spend your dollars you’ll receive your change in colones (local currency) at a fair exchange rate. After a day or two, you’ll have enough colones to spend for small daily purchases and in the more remote and local areas.

If you must convert your dollars, you can convert anywhere, at the airport, toll booth, big restaurants, big shops, etc. (But remember, they will charge you more while converting).

Visit Costa Rica, to experience one of the greatest travel destinations of them all. Pura Vida! (Pure, happy, good life!)

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