Japan is a country with millennia of history. It was a closed-off nation many years ago. Now it rules in many commercial industries. Still, it is bankrupt. It has shiny cities with sleek and modern infrastructure, but next to these, you can see poverty-stricken houses.

That means that there is a lot to explore in Japan. From the ruins to high-end boutiques.

Surrounded by four water bodies, this nation is divided into eight regions. There is the North Pacific sea in the east. And the sea of Japan in the west. On the southwest, there is the China sea. The Kyushu region lies here. This is the birthplace of Japan. Then comes Chugoku, where Hiroshima is located. Next to it is Kansai, which has an interesting intersection of metropolitan cities and ancient culture. Chubu is the area of hilly terrain with cities like Nagoya in its trail. Central Japan houses its capital, Tokyo.

Then comes favorite tourist destination Tohoku, popular for its adventure activities and delicious cuisine. The northern tip of the country has a chilling climate and a frozen landscape. Some other large cities are Kyoto, Kanazawa, Hiroshima, Nara, Nagasaki, Osaka, Sendai and Sapporo. The Japan Alps are not the only natural wonder of the nation. You can climb Mount Fuji. Sado island can be an exotic destination. Yakushima is a UNESCO heritage site you cannot miss.

Japan can be an easy place to get around. You can get a traveler’s pass and travel around the country in train affordably. There are separate compartments for women. Planes can also take you across the island nation, but they are far too expensive. Boats are not usually preferred here. If you are not going far, you should consider biking. 

One USD is equal to one hundred and twenty-one yen. The currency exchange is available in banks and from money changers. All major credit cards are acceptable and ATMs are available widely. If you want to be travel on a budget, then you need to stay away from the pricey transportation. You can stay at the capsule hotels which cost three thousand yen. Stick to regular restaurants instead of luxury gourmet restaurants and you will be okay.

Taxis are multiple but can be expensive, especially during the rush hours. Also, drivers tend not to speak English, so you should have a card with your destination written in Japanese. If you want to hire a car, it is not difficult to do. All you need is to be over 18 years old and have a valid international driver’s license. Roads are in good condition and cars drive on the left in Japan.

Here, they use electric sockets of type A. The standard voltage is 100V.

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