New York City is the metropolitan hub of the world. It is one of most visited cities in the whole world and a dream destination for many travelers.

Why shouldn’t it be? It has the glorious Manhattan Skyline, the looming Empire state Building, the historic Statue of Liberty, and much, much more. Anyone who is seeking success still goes to live in the New York City.

New York is a microcosm of business, art, culture, films, economy, and modernity. They all come together to give this city a new look. Here, you can see top business people next to homeless ones.

 A famous borough is Manhattan, as well as the crowded Times Square, the Empire state building, and Central Park, which are are all located between the Hudson and the East rivers.

Brooklyn is an artist’s paradise. It has an artsy neighborhood with young talents, music venues, and stunning beaches. The Bronx is famous for its baseball team. Staten Island does not have the defining modern character that the rest of New York City does. It has got a subtle suburban vibe to it. Queens County is located in the south of Brooklyn. It is the most ethnically rich region in the whole city. 

New York City can be an enormous and crowded place to visit. The best thing you can do to visit is to get an Explorer Pass to enjoy most of the major attractions. Or, you can visit the many attractions at odd times  or during weekdays. For example, try going to the Empire state building at midnight.

Famous Broadway shows are an attraction for wanna-be actors. Famous musical and dance companies like the Brooklyn Academy of music and the Metropolitan Opera are a delight to watch. You can watch movies at this film capital in multiplexes or theaters like Film Forum or the Angelika film center.

The costs of living in New York can be very high. Accommodation in standard hotels can be expensive for a visitor. It is best to book hotel rooms in Brooklyn region or outside the city. Public transport like metros and subways can be used if you have Metrocards. But there is no better way to experience the City than on foot. Take subway and walk. If you get tired, you can always wave your hands and say “taxi!

How to Get Around in New York City

When you watch a movie about New York, it seems like its residents and visitors only get around New York by taxi. Taxi may be the most convenient way to get from point A to point B if you are short on time, but it’s not the cheapest. So, if you are a budget tourist, you should use public transportation or just walk. There is always a lot to see in this city.


Subway is probably the most efficient method of public transport in New York. The system may be confusing. Thus, you should get to know it in advance. Once you understand the system, you will see the convenience of the New York City subway. Also, it is the fastest way to travel around. Furthermore, the New York City subway operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


If you just need to ride the subway once, get a SingleRide card for $3. These cards are sold only in vending machines, and you need to use them within two hours after the purchase. If you plan to use the subway at least twice, buy a MetroCard. You can load it with a necessary amount of money at the subway stations, in automatic machines, and at booth attendants. If you use a pay-per-ride MetroCard, one ride will cost you $2.75.

With a MetroCard, once you’ve entered the subway system, you can ride the trains and switch the lines for as long as you need, until you exit the subway through a turnstile. You can also exchange from subway to bus and vice versa within two hours time. Keep in mind there is also a $1 surcharge for every new MetroCard you buy. To avoid paying the fee every time, you can just refill your existing card. If you are planning on staying in the city for a long time and riding the subway often, it would be wise to get an unlimited MetroCard for seven days ($31) or 30 days ($116.50).


Both locals and visitors often underestimate the bus system of New York City. However, if you want a nice look at New York while you ride and if you have some extra time then take a bus. A ride on the bus costs $2.75, and you can pay with either a MetroCard or with the exact amount of coin change. If you paid with a MetroCard, you could exchange for another bus or the subway within two hours.

Most bus stops have a “Guide-A-Ride” information box with maps and schedules. You should look at this box, to make sure you will be able to get on the bus you need in the exact stop. Buses stop approximately every two blocks unless their electronic display at the front says Limited or LTD. Then, it is an express bus, and it stops every ten blocks. From 11 pm till 5 am the drivers stop wherever you request on the line. Many bus routes operate 24 hours a day, but you need to make sure that the necessary route is working overnight.


One of the best free excursions you can find in New York is taking a Staten Island Ferry, from which you will get the most scenery view of the harbor. It will also get you to the Statue of Liberty for free. You can also take an East River Ferry and go from the Lower Manhattan to Brooklyn. Although it costs more than the subway and takes longer, you will be able to enjoy the view of the city and the fabulous New York bridges on your way.

WATER TRAMwater-tram-skyscraper-roosevelt-island-new-york

If you want to see New York from the sky, it is not necessary to take a helicopter. You can take a water tram to Roosevelt Island. It costs $2.75 per ride and takes around 2 minutes. Although there isn’t much to see on Roosevelt Island, the tram ride may become one of the most exciting memories you have from your trip to New York.

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