Greenland is the world’s largest non-continental island. It lies in the far northeast of North America, and most of the country is located within the Arctic Circle. Greenland is technically still belonging to the Kingdom of Denmark, although it received self-government right in 1979. 

The official languages are Greenlandic, an Inuit (Eskimo) language and Danish. People in tourist industry usually speak English freely. The predominant religion is Evangelical Lutheran Church. There are also Roman Catholics and Protestant minorities. 

The official currency is Danish Krone. The approximate exchange rate is kr7.15 for US$1. The currency exchange is available in banks. You can use credit cards in major towns and most hotels. Some of the towns also have ATMs. 

Car hire is available in different cities and towns. You can also book in advance over the Internet.

In Greenland, they use electric sockets of types C, F, E, and K. The standard voltage is 230V.

If you want to see icebergs and glaciers, then Greenland is the perfect destination. There are some great things to experience in Greenland, including the midnight sun. It stays above the horizon for days, sometimes even several weeks, in the summer in the northern part of the country. In the winter, however, the reverse happens. There are longer nights than days and some days barely have any sunlight. On the other hand, you can see the Northern Lights during the winter.

Tourism in Greenland is a relatively young, although already popular, industry. The country boasts spectacular scenery, but not many historical sites. However, the everyday life of the Greenlanders is already a strong tourist attraction and one of the main experiences for adventure travelers in the country.

For the most unforgettable experience, hike off the beaten path, if you want to connect with the secluded untouched nature truly. Maybe even consider driving a dogsled; you will definitely have an experience of a lifetime. Other tourist activities also include sailing tours among icebergs, ice cap treks, whale watching, iceberg watching and hiking trips to Norse ruins.

Geographically, Greenland includes six regions: North Greenland, Arctic Circle, Capital Region, National Park, South Region and East Region. The most popular tourist spots are Ilulissat Icefjord, Jakobshavn Glacier, Knud Rasmussen’s Museum, Greenland National Museum and Iceview Plateau Hike.

However, that is not all. There are many other interesting tourist places in Greenland you can see. For example, Sermermiut is an abandoned Inuit settlement, mentioned in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list. Kangeq is a former fishing village. Ilimanaq and Oqaatsut are small settlements, both former and current whaling stations. Narsarsuaq Museum displays exhibitions on the Vikings, sheep farming, and also the American presence in Southern Greenland.

With a vast untouched landscape and pure natural beauty, there are plenty of reasons to explore Greenland. 

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