Denmark is a beautiful country in EuropeNorwaySweden, and Germany surround it. With an area of nearly 27,000 square miles, travelers here have the opportunity to discover breathtaking landscapes at every turn. A group of 443 named islands also make up this country. 373 of these islands remain uninhabited. Zealand is the largest island and is home to a vast population. Copenhagen is also here and is Denmark’s capital.

Danish is the official language. Locals also speak Faroese, Greenlandic, and German. The Church of Denmark is the most prominent religious faith followed by the population.

The official currency is Danish Krone. The approximate exchange rate is kr7.15 for US$1. The currency exchange is available at banks. However, some facilities may refuse to exchange large foreign banknotes. All major credit cards are widely acceptable and there are plenty of ATMs throughout the country, though mainly in urban areas.

Car hire is widely available through travel agents and airlines. You need to be over 20 (in some cases, over 25) years old to rent a car. Roads are in good condition here. However, due to the road system in the Danish archipelago, you will need to use ferries frequently. Cars drive on the right side of the road here.

In Denmark, they use electric sockets of two types: C (as everywhere in Europe) and K (particularly Danish type). F-type plugs are also applicable. The standard voltage is 230V.

Denmark has become a very popular destination for tourists. Both Sweden and Norway influence the culture, allowing for a beautiful multicultural experience for travelers.

There are numerous places in Denmark you can visit. Among the popular tourist spots of the capital city, are the Tivoli Gardens, the Freetown Christiania and the statue of Little Mermaid, the icon of Copenhagen. Around the city, you will also find famous Kronborg Castle and the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. By the way, Roskilde Festival, held 30 km away from the capital, attracts 100 thousand guests annually.

There are other, also very popular among visitors, regions of Denmark as well. Bornholm is an island with a variety of rocky seascapes, magnificent fishing villages, and sandy beaches. Funen is a place of birth of Hans Christian Andersen and has many fascinating sites, connected with the lifetime of the famous writer. Jutland also offers a variety of attractions, such as the Legoland, Jesperhus Flower Park and the island of Mors.

It is a socially progressive country. Academic achievement is also notable here, with both Tycho Brahe and Niels Bohr hailing from this country. It also boasts traditional music, art, and literature. Exploring here will introduce you to a variety of cultures, as each of the various islands has its folk traditions. Visitors have the opportunity to learn something new from each region.

Explore the unique architecture of the cities. Enjoy the beauty of this country, in both natural and human-made forms.

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