Norway is one of the amazing Scandinavian countries. It is one of those places where the sun never sets. During summer, you can have continuous days. It is surrounded by the Arctic Ocean and the North Sea. Due to its coastal nature, it has gorgeous fjords to discover.

On the north of the country, there are many fjords perched on coasts. The central part of the country holds the old city of Trondheim. The eastern part has the bustling capital of Oslo. On its west lie the famous cities of Bergen and Stavanger. On the south is the vibrant coastline. The cities you must visit are Alesund (art center), Bergen (gateway of fjords), Stavanger (historical attractions), Tromso (modern cathedral) and Trondheim (great nightlife). Natural destinations include the Jostedalsbreen glacier, Lofoten, and Nordkapp (midnight sun), along with Sognefjorden, a Heritage site).

Getting around can be a problem for tourists in any country. But in Norway, you have an extensive network of domestic flights. Those can help you go to small towns. The trains and buses can also be used if you plan on saving money. Cycling is also an excellent way to experience the countryside.

Taxis should not be used because inside cities you have trams and metros to help you, and taxis can be expensive. Car hire is available in airports and most towns but costs a lot. You might consider picking up a car in the neighboring Sweden, where the service costs cheaper. Also, low speed limits, difficult roads and parking, and high insurance price make public transport more practical and convenient.

As for electricity, Norway uses type F sockets, as most countries in Europe. You need to bring a travel adapter to fit the proper socket type. Check out the above-linked page to see the photos and other useful information. The standard voltage is 230 V.  Many of your devices may need a step-up transformer to match the electrical voltage.

Norway does not have a specific official language. There are dialects which have evolved from Danish and Swedish. You do not need to learn them, though, because most of the population  speaks English well.

The official currency is Norwegian Krone. The rate is Kr8.69 for US$1. The exchange is available at banks and bureaux de change. All major international credit cards are easily acceptable and ATMs are available widely. 

It is an expensive country to visit. Even staying in hostel rooms will cost you five hundred NOK. Your primary concern should be travel expenses. If you’re going to be on a budget, get an air or rail pass.

Norway has excellent options to enjoy yourself. You can hike on the Alpine heights of Troms or hike in the forest of Oslo. During the freezing winter, you can ski in Hemsedal or Trysil. Cycling through the incredible countryside can be an enjoyable sport also.

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