The American city of Boston, Massachusetts, has many nicknames due to its history. Some of these include “The Hub of the Universe” and “Beantown” (often used by both sailors and locals, referring to the regional dish of baked beans). Boston is the second largest city in the American northeast, after New York City. Boston is a liberal place and is also a center for education and research. Both Harvard University and MIT are here. The city offers both high-tech facilities and quality education. Exemplary health care has also put it over the top. This small New England city is a must-see for everyone, filled with fantastic exploration opportunities for travelers.

Back Bay is an upper-class area. It has both chic shops and elegant restaurants to entertain even the most demanding customer. Chinatowns are littered across America. Boston is home to the fourth-largest in the US and serves mouth-watering Asian cuisine. The Kenmore Square and The Fens is where you’ll find the famous bowling alley, Lucky Strike. The Mission Hill neighborhood is home to many students. It ripples with youthful energy.

An Irish population inhabits the Southie residential area. You’ll find a beautiful waterfront view here. West of Southie is the South End. The Bohemian aura is hard to miss in this part of the district. In the North End, you will spot upscale restaurants which are famous for their delicious cuisine. The Jamaican Plain houses the most famous brewery in the city.

East Boston is home to an enormous Latin population. Its location makes it suitable for underwater connections. Dorchester is where you will find the working class relaxing in pubs on each city corner. Beacon Hill has centuries of history waiting to be uncovered. It is unlike any other place in America. Both gas-lit streets and brick-stone walls transport you to an older time. However, downtown is most popular among tourists. It holds both shopping options and parks, which attract many visitors.

The Financial District is the backbone of Boston’s economy. However, it also boasts swanky bars and quirky attractions like restaurants and aquariums.

Boston has something for everyone! Travel to this historical city and experience the diversity of each neighborhood.

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