The Islands of the Arctic Ocean are located in the extreme north of the globe. They are snow topped, which makes them uninhabitable. Reaching these islands can be difficult, but once you get there you can enjoy the polar landscape and the aurora borealis. 

There are many islands of Arctic Ocean which are claimed by various nations. Devon Island is located in the Baffin Bay. It is one of the largest islands which remains uninhabited. The elevation and freezing temperatures make it hard for life top thrive here. It comes under Canada.

There are many mysteriously beautiful places here like the Haughton Impact Crater and the Cape Liddon. Clavering Island comes under Denmark. It is separated from Greenland by Gael Hamkes Bay. It has amazing coastal beauty and the glorious mountains of Halle.

There are relatively smaller islands surrounding Clavering Island, such as Jackson Island and Finsch island. Bjarnarey Island is another one of the Islands of Arctic ocean, which is located south of Iceland. To say it is sparsely populated would be putting it mildly. Only three people live on this island!

Bear Island is under Norway. It was named so because of the Polar Bears which live and roam here. No human settlement is present here except for a meteorological station. It has had commercial settlements for coal mining and whaling but they have not lasted long.

Hooker Island is one of the islands of Franz Josef Land. It is part of Russia. The frozen landscape very common, but on the western part of the island, you will be able to find the unglaciated area.

Tikhaya Bay is home to numerous birds. Barter Islands, which is part of the United States, is also part of the Arctic Islands. It was once a whaling village. In the 1900s, this island attracted human settlement (but it did not last long). Many people settled here for trading purposes. Now, it is used for high altitude research.

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