Islands of Indian Ocean are either located in proximity with the Indian sub-continent or are perched on amidst the deep blue sea. There are many countries as well as dependent territories worth a visit. Some popular territories are the Bassas da India, Andaman and Nicobar, Diego Garcia, Mayotte, Reunion, Socotra, and Glorioso Islands. The popular touristic island countries are Sri Lanka, Mauritius, Madagascar, Comoros, Maldives, and Seychelles.

The Christmas Island is located in the eastern Indian Ocean. It is a territory of Australia. There are flights once in a fortnight to take you to this secluded island. The cruise ships do not go here except, the only stop Flying fish cove. You can do fishing, snorkeling, whale watching, mountain biking and many more adventurous activities.

The Bazaruto Archipelago is located on the western Indian Ocean consisting of five Islands. Bangue, Carolina, Bazaruto, Magaruque, and Santa Carolina. This part of Africa is conserved as a natural heritage. You can take flights to Bazaruto Archipelago, or you can hire motor boats. There are many luxury resorts to cater to your needs. Enjoy the unspoiled beauty of these secluded Islands.

Kerguelen is a French territory located in the Southern Indian Ocean. It is named after Desolation Island just because it is so far away from any mainlands. Getting here is a difficult task. You need to make careful planning as well as a study on ships which seldom go to this island. Cabins can be booked on this island. There are many interesting places like geomagnetic stations that you can visit.

The Buddo Island is located on the northern Indian Ocean. It is a territory of Pakistan. You cannot get to the island without a permit. Adventurous activities like yachting, canoeing, and kayaking have a great scope here. But do not be so happy for the Arabian coastline, you are not allowed to sunbathe on the island. No matter how heavenly it sounds.

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