Mauritius is an island country in the African continent, on the southeast coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. Mauritius was uninhabited until 1638 when the Dutch Republic established a colony here. That is where Mauritius got its name from the Dutch Prince Maurice van Nassau. The country is a popular tourist hub and a honeymoon destination today, due to its exotic beaches and beautiful scenic beauty. 

It is a religiously diverse country and celebrates a lot of festivals, mainly of the Hindu, Muslim, and Christian religions. There is no official language in the country. The nation is multilingual. The majority of the population, however, calls Mauritian Creole their mother tongue. People are also fluent in English and French.

Mauritius is a major tourist destination. It ranks 3rd most popular destination in the region and 56th in the world. The country offers its visitors a tropical climate, clean, warm sea, fabulous beaches, diverse flora and fauna, completed by multi-ethnic culture. Also, the modern well-designed hotels, reliable service, and good infrastructure make the island very popular among travelers. However, there are also several tourist problems Mauritius. These are scams, overcharging and dual pricing.

The currency of Mauritius is Mauritian Rupee. The exchange rate is approximately 36, 5 rupees for 1 US dollar. The currency exchange is available in banks and at bureaus de change. A better rate of exchange you can get, however, on traveler’s cheques, than on cash. There are many ATMs on the island. Credit cards are also acceptable very often in hotels, restaurants, tourist shops and banks.

Taxis are multiple and they all have meters. Tips are not obligatory, but advisable. There are also numerous car hire companies. Roads are generally in good condition. 

The country uses British and European types of sockets. The usual voltage is 220V.

The cuisine of the country is a mixture of flavors of Creole, Chinese, European, and Indian cuisines. It is very common to serve French dishes in Mauritius (along with red wine), due to the historical French influence on the country. Among sports, rugby and football are very popular. 

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