Wow, time flies. It’s already new year and our 2018 travel goals await us. So, let’s go ahead and live this year by walking untrodden ways and remembering the forgotten lanes. Let’s create new memories that we will treasure for the rest of our life.

The travel trend of exploring the offbeat paths is rising. Therefore, it is only relevant that we bring to you some places we love but don’t have the hype of San Francisco or New York City.

These 7 places in the US hold a rare attraction for travelers. And each of them has something for everyone. So, whether you are an artist or an adventurer or a nature lover, you’ll have a great time exploring these destinations.

Asheville, North Carolina

The beer tasting trend is on fire. Girdle up for tasting some locally brewed spirits in Asheville, North Carolina. Adventure seekers ought to pay a visit to the Broad River. It is here that you can find your inner peace by meditating by the water or let your inner beast out while kayaking.

If that is not your forte, then you can hop into an art gallery in River Arts districts. It is a busy hub for top wannabe artists (I mean this in a positive sense).

Other than the Broad River, Blue Ridge mountains ooze inexplicable mystery. Get your hiking boots on, to climb some of the great mountains and to conquer your limiting beliefs.

Lincoln, Nebraska


2018 is a busy year for Lincoln. And why not? Nebraska is celebrating its 150th birthday this year. Lincoln, the capital city is all girded up to host the celebration. What makes the city celebration conducive is the lively student population.

Other than the youngsters, the citizens of Lincoln are from various ethnicities. All communities come together to party during all wonderful occasions. You can dance your heart out at a glitzy club, spend your time surfing the farmer’s market or cycle down the famous trails.

Montana’s Wildernesslandscape-canoe-mountains-glacier-national-park-montana-usa

The Glacier National Park in Montana is one of the biggest stretches of wilderness. But the gushing streams of glaciers might disappear in near future due to the global warming. (Who else think global warming is a scam. Hello!)

When you have time, do experience the vast plains and the sky above. For anyone who loves recreational activities or the outdoors, this place is heaven on earth. We love Montana. From its Cowboy culture libertarian wilderness lifestyle.

If you plan to visit in January, then you meet stunning frozen landscape of ice-laden meadows. But in the summertime, the wildflowers bloom and the trails get clear.

It is a perfect time to hit the road and discover the living beauty of dying glaciers.

Hollywood of the South, Atlanta


Atlanta rivals any big city in the US. Without any doubt, the busiest airports see tons of tourists every day. In 2017, a major league soccer team got launched here, adding fire to the already sports-frenzied city.

Other than the sports, the city acts as a set for many series like The Walking Dead. Hence, the name Hollywood of the South. You can either catch a match or end up in a lively pub.

Locals put a lot of effort in making Atlanta alluring to tourists. Sports-lovers, art lovers, party animals – you are all going to find your home here. Make Atlanta you to-visit destinations this 2018.

Denver, Coloradomountain-greenwood-denver-colorado

A quiet weekend to an adrenaline filled holiday, Colorado provides you both. And, Denver is the heart of this mountain “high” state. Speaking of mountains, the Rocky Mountains is an incredible place to lose yourself in.

Next year a Ski Train is getting launched in the Rocky Mountains. It will connect skiers from Downtown Denver to the skiing base. Isn’t that incredible. I am excited to use this. (Woohoo!)

The Alpine scenery acts as a backdrop to many of the elegant breweries, sporting an excellent spirit collection. If nature and wine do not interest you, then you can enjoy the art scene. Visit the artsy galleries in the funky districts of RiNo and LoHi.

Emerald Coast, Florida

The Emerald Coast is an unofficial name for the coastal area in Florida on the Gulf of Mexico that stretches about 100 mi (161 km) from Pensacola to Panama City. You can bet your money on this, this place lives up to its name.

Once upon a time, Emerald Coast was limited to being the playing ground of rich and famous. But now its increasing popularity is also ramping up the number of ocean resorts.

Here, you can relax on the white sandy beaches and collect shells in the backdrop of affordable luxury resorts. The brand new Henderson Beach Resort is one of the best luxury resorts with a five-star rating.

California’s Desert


The Californian desert landscape studded with beautiful hills earns itself a spot on the must-see travel list. Palm Springs is the central city around the region. And it is not only the destination for A-list celebrities but a place to be enjoyed by all.

You can head to the hippy towns surrounded by the rocky cliffs and try some rock climbing in Joshua Tree National Park. There are many festivals (from Music to Modernism week) are organized here throughout the year. There is nature, there is music, there is the freedom vibe. What is there to not love this place! And, it gives you another reason to visit California. 😉

So what’s your thought on these little gems from within the United States? What is in your 2018 travel bucket list? Share with the community in the comments below.

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