San Francisco (in California Bay Area) is a mosaic of Victorian architecture, natural charm, and ethnic diversity. It is not huge regarding the area, but tourist attractions make it a vast and promising destination.

However, the city can be unsafe to visit after dark because some neighborhoods are drowning in crime. Thus, it is better to avoid them at night. Apart from that, San Francisco is a culturally, artistically, architecturally, and scenically supreme city.

The Golden Gate Bridge is a romantic destination that gives you a breath-taking view over the water. This section of the city has several upscale neighborhoods like Pacific Heights, Marina District, and Cow Hollow. Nob Hill and Russian Hills are also full of classy buildings and top-notch restaurants.

Plus, Tenderloin and Civic Center are next to the affluent neighborhoods. They might not be as flashy as their neighbors, but they have the brilliant architecture to behold.

Western Addition is an amalgamation of Victorian and Japanese culture. The Richmond and Parkside districts together are known as the ‘Avenues.’ Haight is where you can feel the bohemian atmosphere pulsing through the air. Also, Castro and Noe Valley are excellent places where you can stroll around the streets and window shop.

In the Southeast of the city is the home of the middle-class communities. Southwestern San Francisco has a rich natural heritage. The hilly terrain and lush green forests make it ideal for parks. Mission District and Bernal Heights are underrated destinations. However, they have swanky nightclubs worthy of a visit.

The SoMa neighborhood is home to an emerging urban landscape. Furthermore, there are artsy galleries and museums in this downtown neighborhood. Next to SoMa is the commercial district, Union Square. This section of the city has unbelievably high skyscrapers and famous theaters. Plus, you can take a ferry to see the waterfront of Fisherman’s Wharf. The yummy seafood and little souvenir shops make it an excellent tourist attraction.

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