Millennials love to travel. In the past 10 years, since the internet revolution, several new travel trends have emerged. Do you know what are they and are you are part of any of these growing trends?

It has been suggested that travel is necessary in order to maintain relationships, as social life is increasingly networked and conducted at a distance. For us, millennials, traveling and vacations are increasingly being viewed as a necessity rather than a luxury!

Top Travel Trends

As a hardcore traveler, you need to keep up with all the new travel trends. Whether it is mobile travel photography or the rise in remote jobs, there are hoards of new travel subcultures blooming all around us.

Let’s take a look at top travel trends that will only grow in the coming years.

Solo Travel

It looks like the number of solo travelers will grow in the next year. It is one of the top travel trends in the world. Germany is probably going to be the leading country by the numbers of solo travelers this year.

Over 80% of the Germans said that they would travel alone next year. The United Kingdom and Canada are next in the line.


This trend also goes hand-in-hand with independent travel. In fact, only around 6% of people around the world said that they are going to use travel agency service in 2017. Here is our take on how to avoid loneliness when traveling alone?

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Learning while Exploring

The purpose of travel is changing too. More and more people now travel to get new experience and new skills. Over half of the people want to explore local life in the trip and immerse into the local culture.

And only a few percents of people said they travel in search of a party or vivid nightlife.


Taking local courses and obtaining new skills is also a new travel trend, which flourished in recent decades. People nowadays visit new destinations not only to go sightseeing or engage in other popular tourist activities.

Travelers are also eager to learn crafts, arts or jobs, which the particular country is famous for. These skills may include cooking, dancing, making handicraft articles, studying languages, and so on.

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River Cruising

Of course, river cruising is not a new way of traveling. However, it is predicted to become even more popular in the coming years. River cruising is going to be a big travel trend, especially for those, who live in countries with plenty of rivers but without any oceans surrounding them.


There are more and more local opportunities appearing for amazing weekends or evening cruises. This means, you can have a great time on the water, even if you can’t afford to go to the seacoast.

Vanishing Destinations

Destinations, which risk vanishing or changing greatly in the near future, are also about to become very popular among travelers. Millennials especially are going to these vanishing destinations and it has become a new travel trend.

For example, some people are in a hurry to visit the Arctic and Antarctica, whose ice coverings are affected by climate change.


Another top destination, which is going to completely change soon, is the Great Barrier Reef. And also, you would like to visit the Maldives in the nearest future, as the islands might actually go completely under water within the next 25 years if the global warming process does not slow down.

Local Travel

Local travel is also one of the newest and hottest travel trends. In the previous years, people were trying to go far away, to another country or even continent. Of course, there is nothing wrong with the wish to see new places.


However, lately, traveling within the one’s country, province or even city, has become a much bigger trend. Local travel allows you to get a totally new look at the place, where you live and where you believe to know already everything, see sights, which you usually just pass by, and become an even bigger culture connoisseur than you are now.

Bleisure Travel

The word “bleisure” comes from the combination of two other words: “business” and “leisure”. It is one of the most interesting travel trends in the coming year. Many companies now offer special business trips, which include leisure opportunities.

These may be traveling with the family, having some free time during the trip or being able to work for travel payment.


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Another side of “bleisure” is combining work and travel by becoming a digital nomad. Read more on this below.

Living Like A Local

More and more travelers every year prefer to stay out of hotels and taxis and live like the locals. It is much easier to do when living with Airbnb and riding with Uber. Not only are these options cheaper, but they also allow travelers to immerse into the local way of life more deeply.


Combined with services, such as local tour guides, Airbnb Experiences, or EatWith (dining with locals), the travel experience becomes truly authentic and personalized. And this fact also adds more fuel to the growing interest in solo travel.

Going Green

Ecotourism is one more growing travel trends of our time. Nowadays, hotels, tour operators, and outfitters encourage their clients to travel in a low-impact way.


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For example, you can travel somewhere close to reduce bad transport effect on the environment. Or choose facilities with eco-thinking. Or just travel to those destinations, which need your travel dollars the most. These all are the ways to make your trip eco and bring something good to the universe.

To the Moon or Mars

In recent decades, tourism for most people transformed from a luxury into the lifestyle. However, having explored a big part of the Earth, many people now desire to explore the worlds outside of our planet.


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According to recent surveys, almost half of the people nowadays dream of spending their holidays in the far corners of our galaxy. And trips to the Moon, already announced by several agencies, are actually becoming more and more realistic.

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Along with the latest inventions and improvements in air transportation, these facts are likely to make space tourism a very popular travel trend in the nearest future.

Sustainable Travel

The next year is going to be the International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development. Travelers have to keep in mind to travel with responsibility. Whatever you do should ensure the betterment of nature.

Many eco-friendly tours, as well as eco- friendly means of travel, have come to play. Everyone should make a wise choice and visit places of environmental importance. Maybe it is better to see Alaska in its untouched glory than see Paris in its traditional beauty!

Digital Nomadism

Nomads like to discover every nook and cranny of the planet. But when you have no time because of the gigantic amount of work, what can you do?

There is an answer to every problem. And with the rise of improved internet facilities and devices, you can work from anywhere in the world. Those who hate chaining themselves to the desks, can pack their bags and start their nomadic life.

The number of people, who choose to work while traveling, grows every year. The “have laptop, will travel” habit has become one of the biggest travel trends in the latest years.

If today’s technologies allow you to work wherever you are, there is no reason not to take your job with you on the road.

When you are ready with your belongings, laptop, and high-speed internet connection, you can go absolutely anywhere without worrying about work-leave.

Do not get shocked when you see 1 billion digital nomads in the next 20 years. The desire of wanderlust has surpassed the need for job security. Let us embark on a new era.

The Revenge of Bikes

Who doesn’t love to explore the unchartered horizon and beyond? When you have your own two-wheeler you can ride wherever your heart wills you. But have a light and essential luggage with you.

Biking on the mountains through the vivid scenery makes your heart leap with joy. There are many cycling trails around the world where cyclist enthusiasts go, The Dangerous Dragon’s spine or the volcanic landscape of Iceland. Have your pick and stay in the latest travel trend.

Booze Tasting

top travel trends_beer-festival_booze tasting_PD

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When what goes down your throat is much more important than what is in your pocket, distilleries come to play. There is no need to travel luxuriously to far off lands if you have a locally brewed spirit right near you.

Those who want a tasting but are not ready to spend a huge sum in traveling can go to local breweries where you can sip fine spirits.

Japan, Sweden, Scotland, and Australia all these countries sport a distinguished amount of micro-distilleries. They also offer guided tours. Whether you wanted to taste whiskey, gin, wine, or beer – anything and everything awaits you, likely in your own town. Just Google it.

Food Tourism

Food tourism is not a new trend; it always remains out of focus. Eating and drinking is an essential part of travel. But recently everyone realizes that Food Tourism is a whole new brand of travel. Whether you take cooking classes during your trip or take a tour of classy restaurants (even sample street food), all of it comes from Food travel.

Food tourism_hot chocolate_beverage_PD

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Did you know there is a Foodtrekking Conference? Yes, the conference of food trekking gets organized by the World Food Travel Association in Portland, Oregon. So, all the foodies who can’t wait to hear from your famous food travelers can come to Portland on April 1st.

Mobile Travel Photography

Sometimes it is hard to sling a heavy camera over your neck. That is why most of the travelers have smartphones with good camera quality. It is handy and clicks like a pro. There are thousands of travel photographers on social media. You can become one too.

Mobile travel photography is a revolutionizing trend because it makes any traveler a photographer. One advice, though – do not forget to see the beauty of travel through naked eyes before capturing it in your lenses forever.

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