Montana has the epic continental divide of the Rocky Mountains running vertically through it. The state is divided into the eastern and western region. The western part sees a fair amount of rainfall, while the east remains comparatively dry.

Geographically, the western area is the more attractive one. The high mountains and clear blue skies make for an eye-pleasing scenery.

The eastern region shares its border with North Dakota. It includes the Missouri River County and the Custer County. The Missouri River runs through it.


Glasgow, Glendive and Miles City are all here. In the center are Yellowstone County and Russell County. It has big cities like Bozeman, Great Falls, and Lewistown.

Glacier County and Gold West County are under the western region. This area has tons of national parks to visit.

The capital city is Helena, which is located in the Gold West County. Great Falls is a very electric city. Anaconda is well known for its sports events and historical heritage.

You can spend a day in Circle with bohemian artists in farmland, eating a hearty meal. For skating enthusiasts, Polson is a cozy little town where you can pursue your passion.

Glendive, which is a natural abode, stretches out for acres. Step on the first stair leading to the spectacular beauty of eastern Montana.

History buffs are going to have a grand time at the local museums of Livingstone. They can also head to Havre, which has many historical sites, including Bear Paw battlefield and Ft. Assiniboine.

Pompey’s Pillar National Monument is a historic place; it is here that the captain leading the Lewis and Clark expedition signed his name.

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Glacier National Park and Yellowstone National Park will take you on an extraordinary journey.

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Discover the trails, see the wild animals (Buffalo, bear, wolves, coyotes), do rafting in the Montana rivers, hike up the hills and ski in Big Mountain.

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