Sudan is the third-largest country in Africa and the 16th largest in the world. EgyptEritreaCentral African RepublicChadEthiopiaLibya, and South Sudan are Sudan’s neighbors.

Fun fact: Along the border with Egypt lies the strange stateless limbo of “Bir Tawil”. Either state does not claim this piece of land, and thus it is legally the only piece of dry land outside Antarctica that does not belong to any country.

Things To Do In Sudan

Travel to the Blue Nile, Southern Kordofan states, and the Darfur region is extremely dangerous and highly discouraged. One should avoid overland travel to and from Chad and South Sudan.

Bandits and terrorist groups have targeted foreign visitors for attacks and kidnapping. Attacks occur particularly in the Upper Nile regions and near the Ethiopian border.

Jebel Barkal and Meroë are the two primary tourist sites. Jebel Barkal is an ancient Egyptian ruin of several temples, palaces, and pyramids.

Meroë is an ancient Nubian royal city on the banks of the Nile, which is home to over 200 pyramids. Both of these destinations are classified as UNESCO World Heritage sites.


Khartoum, Sudan


The official language here is Arabic. People also speak English and numerous local dialects. The predominant religion differs, depending on the region. Muslims are a majority in the north. However, Christians are predominant in the south.


The official currency is the Sudanese Pound. The exchange rate is approximately 6, 5 pounds for US$1. You should only exchange currency in official bureaus de change and banks. Don’t forget to keep the receipt too.

There are severe penalties for exchanging money on the black market. You should not rely on credit cards, when in Sudan. Due to recent conflicts, they may not be acceptable, and the ATMs are rather rare. Traveler’s cheques are also a bad idea.


As for electricity, Sudan uses types C and D sockets. You need to bring a travel adapter to fit the proper socket type. Check out the above-linked page to see the photos and other useful information. The standard voltage is 230 V.  Many of your devices may need a step-up transformer to match the electrical voltage.

Car Rental vs. Taxi

Car hire is available in large towns and major hotels. Cars drive on the right side of the road. It is recommended to rent a chauffeur-driven car. The road condition is rather poor. Some of them are even inaccessible during the rainy season (July to September).

Getting Here

Getting a visa for Sudan is an expensive hit-and-miss affair. However, if you do manage to get in and if you stick to the safe areas, you will have a memorable experience. The Sudanese people are very hospitable. Plus, you can visit some excellent tourist attractions without ever seeing another tourist.


Be warned that due to Sharia law, homosexuality is a crime punishable by death. Therefore, gay and lesbian travelers should be careful and self-aware. Also, there is a civil conflict and war going on. Currently, Sudan is a highly dangerous place, and tourism is not recommended.

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