The Central African Republic is a country in the center of the African continent. It touches ChadSudanSouth Sudan, The Democratic Republic of Congo, and Congo. It spans an area of over 225,000 square miles. 4.7 million people make their homes here. Its capital is Bangui.

This country is entirely landlocked. It is also the centermost country in Africa and is covered in dense forests.  Geographically, it is the 45th largest country in the world. It hosts various rivers, and unique flora and fauna. The country is rich in such resources as uranium, crude oil, diamonds, gold, cobalt, lumber, and hydropower. However, even despite this fact, CAR is one of the ten poorest countries in the world.

The currency used here is the CFA Franc. The approximate exchange rate is XOF656 for US$1. Currency exchange is available at banks in Bangui and Berbérati. Only major hotels accept credit cards. Also, there are no international ATM machines available in the country. 

Taxis are only available for transportation in urban areas. They have no meters, so you should negotiate the price beforehand. Also, you can hire a self-drive car or a car with a driver. Cars drive on the right side of the road here. However, roads are not in a great condition and many of them are inaccessible during the rainy season. Also, roadside theft and robbery incidents are rather frequent. 

Here, they use electric sockets of types C and F, as in Europe. The standard voltage is 220V.

Official languages spoken here include both Sango and French. Various ethnic groups call the Central African Republic home. The country was a French colony until it gained its independence in 1960. The majority of people are Christian, with a surprising 80% of the population following the faith.

Both its local culture and ethnic music are celebrated. Outer influence is noticeably absent in this region. The music here includes many different forms. Both folk music and pop music are nationwide in CAR. The sanza is a popular musical instrument.

Basketball is the most popular kind of sport in the country, and it is also the way to connect people. The national team won the African Championship twice and was the first Sub-Saharan African team to qualify for the World Cup. There is a national football team as well, which stages matches at the Barthélemy Boganda Stadium.

It is a perfect place for a wildlife lover wanting to be in seclusion. However, the country lacks proper transportation, and many roads become impossible to navigate during the rainy seasons. Therefore, time your visit to The Central African Republic wisely!

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