New Zealand is an island country in the Pacific Ocean, close to Australia. Other countries that lie close are also FijiNew Caledonia, and Tonga. The capital city is Wellington. English is the everyday language.

New Zealand wasn’t touched by human settlement until recently. This fact led it to develop exotic species of flora and fauna. Even today places untouched by human interference and governed by natural beauty can be seen.

New Zealand has a comfortable standard of living. It is also famous throughout the world for its clean lifestyle and good education. 

The Maori were among the first of the population to inhabit this paradise island. As such, most of its culture and art has Maori influence. The traditional Maori arts of carving and weaving are widely practiced here and to this day. However, the food of New Zealand draws inspiration from Europe and Asia, and as such is a tasteful blend of flavors.

The currency of the country is New Zealand Dollar. The approximate exchange rate is 1, 5 NZD for 1 US Dollar. There are numerous currency exchange facilities available around the country. US Dollars, Euros Pounds Sterling, and Australian Dollars will be the easiest currencies to exchange. All types of credit cards are accepted in New Zealand. ATMs are available widely in big cities, towns and at the airports as well. Traveler’s cheques are also quite easy to cash. It is better, however, to have them in most popular currencies.

New Zealand uses type I sockets. They are the same, as in Australia and China. However, if you are coming from another country, you need to bring a travel adapter to fit the proper socket type. Check out the above-linked page to see the photos and other useful information. The standard voltage is 230V.

The best way of exploring the country is by road. There are numerous car and campervan hire options. It is better, though, to hire a vehicle from the member of Rental Vehicle Association of New Zealand. The roads are in good condition. However, you should remember the New Zealanders ride on the left side of the road.

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