Tonga is an archipelago in Polynesia, with 169 islands within its territory. The main island is Tongatapu, where 70 percent of the population lives. The country borders Fiji, Wallis and Futuna to the northwest, Samoa to the northeast, Niue to the east, Kermadec to the southwest, and New Caledonia and Vanuatu to the far west. The capital city is Nuku’alofa.

Tongan is the language in Tonga. But people here also speak English, because it is taught in high school. The predominant religion is Christianity, mainly Wesleyan Church, Roman Catholicism and Anglicanism. There are also small minorities of Muslim, Baha’i, and Mormon.

The official currency is Pa’anga. The approximate exchange rate is 2,26 TOP for 1 US Dollar. The currency exchange is available at banks and major hotels. You can use Diners Club and Visa credit cards here. However, the places, which accept credit cards, are limited. Traveler’s cheques are also acceptable at banks, some hotels and tourist shops. To avoid additional charges, you should take them in Australian Dollars or Pounds, Sterling.

There are various types of taxis available. However, if you want to hire a car, you can also do it through numerous agencies. Both self-drive and cars with a driver are available. Cars drive on the left side of the road here. The roads are in reasonable condition. However, you should watch out for potholes. Also, the speed limit in Tonga is lower, than in Europe or North America.

As for electricity, Tonga uses type I sockets. You need to bring a travel adapter to fit the proper socket type. Check out the above-linked page to see the photos and other useful information. The standard voltage is 240 V.  Many of your devices may need a step-up transformer to match the electrical voltage.

Unlike many other beach destinations, Tonga offers laidback, yet straightforward, untouched beaches. The country’s rich culture is also evident wherever you go. Some worthwhile activities for tourists include snorkeling, diving, yachting, kayaking, and hiking. All this could happen in just a single day!

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