The Kingdom of Bhutan is a sovereign nation in Southern Asia. Land borders it on all sides. It is at the eastern end of the Himalayas and is also the smallest Himalayan country. Tibet and India border it on both sides. Bhutan is the only Vajrayana Buddhist nation in the world.

The official currency is Ngultrum. The approximate exchange rate is Nu68 for US$1. The leading foreign currencies are accepted for exchange. However, traveler’s cheques are preferable and get better exchange rates. Credit cards are acceptable, but not widely. Also, ATMs only accept Bhutanese bank cards. 

Roads around the country are in a quite reasonable condition. Cars drive on the left side of the road. You can hire a car here, but it is better to book through the Internat beforehand. 

The electric sockets are of types C and D, as in Europe and India. Also, the standard voltage is 230V. So, bring an adapter, if you are coming from the USA.

This land boasts stunning natural scenery. It has a strong sense of culture and tradition. For many visitors, this is the image that most endures. “The Last Shangrila” is another name for this tiny kingdom. Travel here to discover why! You will marvel at both its pristine environment and harmonious society.

All children receive a free education here, and all citizens also have access to free medical care. Both the sale and consumption of tobacco are forbidden in public areas.

Bhutan’s primary source of income is tourism. Both hydroelectric power and agriculture are also profitable industries.  Development of the tourism sector in Bhutan began in 1974 when the government decided to open the previously isolated country to foreigners. However, the government has restricted the level of tourist activity in the country from the start. The reason of that was the awareness of environmental impact tourism can make on country’s unique nature and culture.

Due to this regulations and restrictions, most foreigners can’t travel independently in Bhutan. All tourists are obligated to travel on prepaid, preplanned, guided package tours or custom designed travel programs. Visitors can only make these arrangements through an official tour operator, either directly or via a foreign travel agency.

The most popular tourist destinations in Bhutan are Thimphu, the capital city, and Paro, the western city on the border with India. One of the most famous tourist attractions is Taktshang, a cliff-side monastery, which overlooks the Paro Valley. The monastery’s temple is over thousand years old, and it is a highly sacred place for Buddhists

Discover why this tiny country is at the top of our must-see list. Plan your trip today!

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