Kolkata is sprawled along the fringes of the Hooghly river. It was once the capital of British India. Kolkata is known as the cultural mecca of India as it has cultivated impressive monuments, which exist in stark contrast to the underlying poverty.

As soon as you arrive here, you get entranced by the bustling energy of this city.

Things To Do In Kolkata

If you are a cricket fan, you might be aware of the Eden Gardens. Visit this world-famous stadium in Central Kolkata. Victoria Memorial is the epitome of monuments in Kolkata. Carved from white marble, it sports many artifacts which display the colonial rule in India. If you want to do something less touristy and want to go local, instead, you can take a wild ride of the city.

If you want to do something less touristy and want to go local, instead, you can take a wild ride of the city. The chowringee marketplace is dotted with colorful shops which display a variety of wares.

In the southern region, Rabindra Sarovar offers you a fantastic day outdoor. You can go boating on the lake, and wolf down local food in nearby restaurants. Shopaholics can head to The South City mall, where you can browse through a variety of stores.

On the north is the famous Howrah Bridge. In this part of the city, you will find wholesale shops (Burraabazar and Posta) where you can bag some vintage items.

Getting Around In Kolkata

Kolkata is a crowded city, so it’s important that you pay attention to your belongings. Taxis are abundant, but remember that you can get stuck in traffic. Uber is now available in the city. You can book online rides. They are relatively cheap and convenient.

Metros are the fastest way to get around in Kolkata. As a tourist, you need to aware of the train schedule. There are frequent trains in the gap of five minutes. Rickshaws, autos, and trams are also available. You can take a ride in whatever suits you (as most of these are equal measures slow and tiring).

When To Visit Kolkata

Visit during the month of October-November, when the city is adorned with lights for Durga Puja is exciting. If you want to avoid the noise and heat, January-March is the perfect time to travel to Kolkata.

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