The Marshall Islands have an official name of the Republic of Marshall Islands. They are located near the equator, inside the Pacific Ocean. The country is a part of a larger group of islands called Micronesia. The country consists of 29 coral atolls or 1156 individual islands and islets. The population of Marshall Islands is 53,000 people, out of which 28,000 live on Majuro. It is also the capital city of the country.

The official languages here are Marshallese and English. The people of the country are the Marshallese. The country covers an area of 181.43 km2. The local currency is US Dollar. Only the largest hotels, restaurants and stores accept credit cards, so it is better to have cash on you, and in small denominations. All banking services are also accessible in the Bank of Marshall Islands.

The country uses the plugs of types A and B, as in the United States. The usual voltage is 120V.

It’s best to get around by taxi. It is the cheapest way of transport here. Although it may be unusual for you to share the cab with other people, that is how it is in the Marshall Islands. You can, however, indicate how many people there should be in the car by holding up the relevant number of fingers. Also, if the driver flashes his lights, it means, he is full. Also, if you want to hire a private vehicle, trucks, minivans and Japanese sedans are available from several companies.

The islands have been once under the rule of European powers, such as Spain and Germany. After these, they have been occupied by Japan and United States as well. The area covering around 2,000,000 square kilometers of ocean around the country is declared by the government to be a Shark Sanctuary. This made it the largest shark sanctuary in the world.

The Marshall Islands are an endangered nation. This is because of their low level and proximity to the sea, which makes them prone to rising sea levels. 

The climate of the country is very hot and humid. The best time to visit the country is from May to October. Fishing, diving, and sailing are the most popular tourist activities in the Marshall Islands. You can also go on a cruise or take a walk around Majuro.

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