Between French Polynesia and Tonga, the Cook Islands flat in the South Pacific Ocean. The islands are an independent democracy, still, have associations with New Zealand.

It has the same look as the Hawaiian Islands minus the commercialization. The Southern Cook Islands attract most of the tourists as the popular Rarotonga and Aitutaki are here.

Things To Do In Cook Islands

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The two islands which are the focal point of tourism in the Cook Islands are Rarotonga and Aitukaki. The lagoon in Rarotonga is a great spot for water sports. Snorkeling or scuba diving here gives you a glimpse into the coral-rich, turtle-abundant aquatic life.

And in the marketplace of Rarotonga, you have at your disposal some lovely mementos like black pearls to take back home.

Another island Aitu has a rich Polynesian culture with an impressive collection of caves. And these caves have an inordinate number of bats- and bat-like birds.

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Mount Cook, Cook Island

How To Get Here

The good news about traveling to the Cook Islands is you do not need a Visa to enter it, no matter what your nationality you can stay here for 31 days – six months.

Rarotonga International Airport is the main airport which deals with regular flights from Los Angeles, Sydney, and Auckland. Boats can also get you to the islands if you travel from Tahiti.

Best Time To Visit Cook Islands

During the summer season, the temperature of the Southern islands is 30 degrees Celsius. And there are also frequent afternoon showers, November to March is cyclone prone. So, avoid visiting in the summer.

But the winter season from May to October sees a drop in temperature. This is probably the best time to travel to the Cook Islands.

Electricity & Plug Type

The standard voltage in the Cook Islands is 240 V. And the sockets used are of Type I, which has no alternative plugs. To use your appliances in the Cook Islands you need a converter as well as a travel adapter that fits the socket I.

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