The Southern United States is commonly referred to as the American South or simply the South. While it does not technically occupy the entire south, this region is predominantly in the southeastern corner.

The South includes 16 States. They are:


US Southern states by Grayshi, Roke CC BY-SA 3.0

Things To Do In South

Known for both its culture and history, the South has its own customs, musical styles, and cuisine. It is an ethnically diverse area and includes strong European (mostly Scotch-Irish, Scottish, English, and French), African, and some Native American components.

Agriculture continues to be a prominent industry. Historically, the South was highly rural until 1945.  Now, the region flourishes with industry and is one of the fastest growing areas in the country. Houston is the largest city here. The South’s identity contains political, demographic, and cultural differences from the rest of the country. 

Politics tend toward the conservative, with religion playing a significant role. Speaking of that, the South is also the Bible Belt of America. These states are also more conservative in religion, morality, international relations and race relations than in the rest of the United States. The Bible Belt is almost entirely located here. It is an area that celebrates religion (especially evangelical churches such as the Southern Baptist Convention).

Weather & Climate

The South also has a distinct climate. Temperatures are on the higher side, and regions range from desert to high humidity.

Diversity has risen in recent years, as more Northerners have taken residence in the area and millions of Hispanics have made their homes here. With these changes came a new southern culture and a significant departure from the traditional collective Southern identity.

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