Kentucky has the exquisite beauty of graceful lakes. It is endowed with scenic lands to ride horses on. Whatever you crave, you can have it here. From lip-smackingly delicious cuisines to a busy nightlife.

It is located in the Mideastern part of the country. Illinois and Indiana are in the northwest. Kentucky shares its southern border with Tennessee. Ohio is to the northeast and Virginia is at the southeastern boundary.

Geographically, you can divide Kentucky into nine regions. But for the comfort of travelers, these are simplified here. On the western part, the Tennessee river flows through the country. The Western Waterlands (The Purchase) and the Western Coalfields are in this area.

South of the Western Coalfields are the Caves and Lakes. East of the Caves and Lakes are the Southern Lakes. North of it is the urban area of Kentucky Derby region. In the heart of the state is the Bluegrass county. On the north central part is the Northern Ohio River, close to the metropolitan capital cities. In the extreme east is the Kentucky Appalachians and Daniel Boone County.

Frankfort is the capital. Bowling Green, Lexington, Richmond are home to top universities. Paducah, Cave City, Louisville, Covington are other important cities. If you are a speedster, then Bowling Green has An Assembly plant for sports car. Corvette Museum, Swope’s Cars of Yesteryear are also an yes- yes for car-lovers. Kentucky horse park has a vast land consisting of museums and galleries.

An Adventurous location is Lost River cave and valley. You can go on an underground boat ride inside the ancient caves. Mammoth Cave National Park can also provide you a guided tour of the longest cave system. History is preserved in Patton Museum of Cavalry and Armor, Jim Beam’s American Outpost, Kentucky Derby Museum and much more.

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