Texas (TX) represents a single quality, fierce independence. At one time or another, six different States annexed Texas. Consequently, it has developed a culture based on the ideals of freedom and independence. Visitors love Texas because of the warm, welcoming attitude of the Texans. In addition, Texas is the second largest state in the United States. Plus, it is slightly larger than France. Attempting to visit all of this state could be overwhelming.

The Lonestar State

The Panhandle Plains are in the far north of the state. Cotton plantations abound in this area. The southern region was once a Spanish territory; you can discover remnants of Spanish culture in both Laredo and San Antonio.
The Western part is named the ‘Big Bend Country’ after Big Bend National Park. The natural beauty of mighty canyons, vast mountains, and quiet deserts makes it a beautiful destination.

The east is the complete opposite of the west. Whereas the West has hot sandy deserts, the East has cold alpine vegetation. Central Texas is called the ‘Hill Country’ because of the mountains that jut out from the landscape. It is also home to the capital city, Austin. East of Hill Country, in the northeast, are Prairies and Lakes. Numerous lakes provide a fantastic view. In the southeast is the Gulf Coast, rich in beach culture.

Austin has a buzzing nightlife scene featuring loads of concerts. Dallas, Houston, Laredo, San Antonio, Lubbock, Corpus Christi, and El Paso are important cities across Texas. The state has a history which merits exploration. San Jacinto Battleground State Historical Park is where Texans gained independence from the Mexicans. Galveston is the place where America saw its worst natural disaster. The Alamo tells the story of brave soldiers turned martyrs. Dealey Plaza is forever stained by the ruthless assassination of John F. Kennedy.

For an entertaining day with your family visit Sea World, Wonderland Park, Six Flags or Fiesta Texas. You can drive through the Big Bend National Park, reveling in the scenic charm of wilderness. Visiting Guadalupe is another option. Watch Birds in Rio Grande Valley, or trek through the second largest canyon in America, the Palo Duro Canyon.


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