Slovakia is a landlocked country in Central EuropePoland borders to the north, Ukraine to the east,  the Czech Republic and Austria to the west, and Hungary to the south. The country covers a 19,000-sq-mi territory that is mostly mountainous. There are many reasons to visit Slovakia, not the least of which its natural beauty, rich history and deluxe rooms for relaxation.

Slovakia broke up with Czechoslovakia two decades ago. The now independent state is fast becoming one of Europe‘s most frequented destinations for hikers.

Things To Do In Slovakia

Thanks to its dense forest and rugged mountains, the country is perfect for hiking adventures. Because of its relatively small land area, transit is quick and easy. This convenience allows for tourists to chase waterfalls one day and trek on mountains the following day.

Poprad is where hikers and skiers are headed. There is no lack of hotels and other accommodations, as well as nightlife facilities. There are a couple of authentic restaurants, where you can try local cuisine and Slovak beer. There is also a water park with a wide range of pools, water rides, and leisure opportunities.

On the other hand Bratislava, the capital city, never lacks unique museums with dense forests as the backdrop. Eastward, you can find fortresses that overlook ancient towns all contrasting modern living.

Belianska jaskyňa (Belianska Cave) is a fascinating stalactite cave, the largest and the only one open to the public in Tatra mountains.

Kosice was the Cultural capital of Europe in 2013. It offers its visitors a range of unique architecture, every building having its own history and legends.


Do you want to behold the magnificence of an ancient castle? Spis castle of Slovakia is listed in the Heritage list of UNESCO’s. The scenery which abounds the surrounding area is enchanting. The grandeur of it is enhanced as it sits on the travertine rocks.

This nine hundred years old beauty is between the stretch of gorgeous plains. The ride from Levoca to Presov. You can halt and see the breathtaking castle on the way. It is better to visit it during weekends. The castle comes alive with costumed entertainers.


Dunajec River is strategically located in between the two countries. Poland and Slovakia. The consistent flow of Dunajec has led to the erosion of limestone walls. Through that limestone crowns flows Dunajec. All adventure sports enthusiasts would love to try something new. T Traditional rafting in Dunajec means you will be rafting on a wooden raft. Gahh! We know it; you must be excited to explore the currents. You will have an incredible two hours on Goral( wooden raft in Slovakia)


Another activity which is adventurous. Adrenaline junkies buckle up for a rough time. A hike from Strbske Pleso will take you to the tip of High Tatras. It is a hardly a three-hour hike. But the rocky terrain might make it difficult. The waterfall cascading from above is a scene to behold. If you are much of a stroller than hiker, go for a walk around the Strbske Pleso tarn. The fantastic mountains looming above you and gushing waterfall is lovely. You can have a day’s stay at the accommodation center.


A Mysterious walk on the pristine floors of the cave! Sounds unreal. It is not what many people would do on a tour. Because tourists prefer beaches. But these caves are something you can’t ignore. The underground halls are glorious. It is studded with magnificent stalactites and stalagmites. The blue-hued underground pools have water lilies floating on them. It is like you have stepped back in time. Make sure to wear something warm. Temperature can go cold in the caves. There is also an ice cave near it. If you want to have some winter fun!


Slovakia has pleasant natural slopes. The landscape of the country makes it possible to have some best winter sports. Jasna is the best ski resort in the country. It is located in Low Tatras. The resort has all modern amenities to make your experience memorable. From cable cars to modern lifts. It is not only a spot for skiing but also snowboarding. After a cold day on the ice, you can soak in the warm waters. Many resorts are lining the mountains which are ideal for winter sports. Have your pick. Have a cold- hot day in Slovakia.


The official language is Slovak. Polish, Ukrainian, and Czech are understood in different areas of the country. Also, people involved in the tourist industry and just young people speak English rather well nowadays. The predominant religion is Catholicism.

Currency & Money

The currency here is Euro. Foreign currencies and traveler’s cheques exchange is available at bureaus de change, banks, major hotels and big travel agencies. Both credit and debit cards are acceptable, and ATMs are available widely.

How Much Does It Cost

Slovakia is a rather cheap country to travel to, comparing to other European countries. A day here may cost as little as 25 Euro (including accommodation in a hostel and a meal).

Rent a car or not

If you want to rent a car, you can do it at Bratislava airport or in main towns and resorts. Generally, you need to be over 18 years old, but some companies require the minimum age of 21. Cars in Slovakia drive on the right side of the road. Roads are in good condition, the main arteries particularly.

Electricity and Plug Type

As for electricity, Slovakia uses type E sockets. You need to bring a travel adapter to fit the proper socket type. Check out the above-linked page to see the photos and other useful information. The standard voltage is 230 V.  Many of your devices may need a step-up transformer to match the electrical voltage.

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