Central Europe is where the thriving economies of Europe rule. From cultural extravaganzas to historical tokens, Central Europe has delights for all travelers. It is hard to identify clear boundaries for the region. Hence there are many countries that people consider to be members of more than one region. Poland, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Liechtenstein as well as Switzerland are in Central Europe. 

Previously the Czech Republic comprised nearly half of Slovakia. However, the division awarded the Czech Republic beautiful landscapes and monuments which attract visitors. Hungary is not only a modern country but also a natural one. The graceful lakes and impressive skyscrapers come together to bewitch visitors.

Central Europe has a vibrant ecosystem which needs to be preserved. Poland does everything in its power to protect this natural heritage with numerous national parks.

Magnificent castles and intriguing caves characterize the charming countryside of Slovakia. Travelers will love the rustic yet elegant ambiance of the country. Many of us think that the photographs we see in postcards are just fantasy. However, Liechtenstein will make your fantasies come alive with its unspoiled beauty.

Germany, Austria, and Switzerland are the heart of tourism in Central Europe. Without their architectural glam, partying hotspots, and cultural diversity, Central Europe would lack the same appeal to visitors.

The Baltic Sea coast has many incredible beaches. You can find these beaches in both Germany and Poland. The Alps are an enigma, proud and aloof. Adventure seekers are curious and willing to hike the heights of this Enigma. Lake Balaton, Black Forest, and East Frisian islands are small but worthy attractions in Central Europe.

Getting Around:

Driving around on Germany’s Romantic Road is on the itinerary of many travelers. Plus, seeing the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany will make you believe in fairy tales all over again. From German to Croatian, there is a diversity of languages throughout the region. Even so, many people speak English. Lastly, getting around in Central Europe is no big deal if you own a tourist visa.


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