New Hampshire is a state in the northeast of the United States. It is washed by the Atlantic Ocean in the east, bordered by Vermont in the west, Massachusetts in the south, Maine in the east and the Canadian province of Quebec in the north. New Hampshire was one of the 13 original states and the 9th state to ratify the Constitution of the United States. Now it is the fifth smallest state of the USA. The capital of the state is Concord, but the largest city is Manchester.

New Hampshire gave the USA its first astronaut, the oldest attraction made by man – the Mount Washington Auto Road, the Segway, Tupperware, the spork and the alarm clock. In fact, New Hampshire doesn’t even need manmade attractions, when it is blessed with so many natural ones. Jagged mountains, dense forests, wide river valleys, sparkling lakes, offshore islands and ocean beaches – that is all New Hampshire. Even the state emblem, the Old Man of the Mountain, was not a manmade symbol, but a glacier-sculpted gift.

The landscape of New Hampshire was naturally sculpted in such a way, as to make this place an ideal destination for almost any kind of outdoor recreation. New Hampshire owns some of the largest ski mountains in the East Coast. Due to this reason, the state attracts many lovers of skiing and snowboarding, snowmobiling, hiking and climbing, camping and mountaineering, motor sports and biking, white water rafting and kayaking, horseback riding, hunting and fishing, golfing, and many other winter and summer outdoor activities. Summer cottages, situated alongside many lakes and the ocean coast, attract visitors annually as well.

New Hampshire has given many famous people to the country and even to the world. Among the most prominent representatives of the state, you can find poet Robert Frost, astronaut Alan Shepard, writer Dan Brown, actor Adam Sandler, comedian Sarah Silverman, inventor Dean Kamen, restaurateurs Richard and Maurice McDonald and the 14th President of the United States Franklin Pierce.

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