Vermont is a rural nirvana. Travelers from around the world come to view the ground covered with autumn leaves. Also, in winters the Green Mountains are topped with Snow and skiers from across the country visit.  The state is one of the smallest in New England and the entire United States.

Montpelier is the capital city, located in the central part of Vermont. In addition, Brandon, Manchester, Colchester, Essex, Burlington, Hartford, and Bennington are other important towns. The landscape throughout the state is rural. Consequently, people travel there if they want to commune with nature or enjoy some adventure sports.

Places to Visit

There are many remarkable landmarks you ought to visit in Vermont. For example, Burlington waterfront and Church Street are on the fringes of tranquil Lake Chaplain. This area renders lovely waterfront scenery, dotted with artsy galleries and trendy stores for you to browse. You will feel like you are ticking the clock back to old times when you set foot in Manchester Center. The delightful shopping streets and foothill location make it a paradise.

A defining feature of Vermont is the State House. The statehouse is where the administration of the state takes place. Old Red Mill is a peek into the historic side of Vermont. Plus, it has a museum and a pub nearby. Skiing is the first thing that many visitors opt to do there. Burke Mountain, Jay Peak, Bromley, and Mount Snow are some skiing options. 

Furthermore, there is an excellent list of fine brewing companies in Vermont. For example, the Long Tail Brewing in Bridgewater, the Harpoon Brewery in Windsor, and the Magic Hat Brewing Co. in South Burlington are all wonderful choices. 

Autumn is the best time for photography; you can snap pictures of the fading foliage or capture the fiery orange color of the trees. However, you need to be prepared for the chilly fall weather.

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