Maine is a state in the northeast of the United States. It is washed by the Atlantic Ocean in the southeast, bordered by New Hampshire in the west, by the Canadian province of Quebec in the north and by New Brunswick, another Canadian province, in the east. It is the most northern state of the USA. It was the twenty-third state to join the US in 1820 and the 39th largest state of America. The capital of the state is Augusta and the largest city is Portland.

Maine has a continental climate, a rocky coastline, dense forests, mountains and picturesque sceneries. It is also famous for its seafood cuisine, especially lobsters and clams. You should visit Maine just for that!

You may also want to visit for the feeling of freedom, which the outdoors gives you due to the state’s widely open spaces, fresh salty ocean air and fabulous views from the mountain tops. If this is not enough for you, Maine offers a wide variety of other attractions and adventures: skydiving from 10 thousand feet above mountains, scuba diving, rock climbing, hot air balloon flying, surfing, horseback riding, and many other options.

In Maine, you will be able to see eagles, moose, deer, black bear and whales amongst others. You can enjoy amazing moonlight or sunset boat rides and see each of the sixty lighthouses, built along the coast. In the famous Acadia National Park, you will hear a story of the Rockefeller’s legacy while riding in a carriage.

Maine offers its visitors a wide range of different fairs and festivals. Some of these foods are Native American, Greek, and Swedish. The fairs and festivals may also be dedicated to Maine food icons, such as lobsters or wild blueberries. The Maine Art Museum Trail consists of seven museums. Maine’s amount of theaters will suit any taste, from local plays to world-famous spectacles. And for those who would like to take a risk, Maine offers a variety of casinos to feel a little air of Las Vegas and to try out one’s luck.

Maine is definitely more than another tourist destination. It is an experience you will never forget!

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