Ghana’s official name is the Republic of Ghana. The country borders Burkina FasoIvory Coast and Togo. The Gulf of Guinea also washes its territory on one side.

The word Ghana translates as ‘Warrior King’. Its capital is Accra, while its official language is English. The country, however, is ethnically diverse. As such, various groups populate it. These groups include the Ashanti, Dagbani, and Ewe, among many others. The Ashanti comprise the majority of the population.

The country has a population of 27 million people. Its people are called Ghanian. The total area of the country is 235,535 km2.

Its currency is Ghanian Cedi. The currency exchange is available in banks and bureaus de change. US Dollar is the preferable currency. Major hotels, restaurants, banks and upmarket shops in Accra accept credit cards. In other areas, you should have cash. ATMs in urban areas accept international credit cards, but mostly just Visa. 

Taxis are available throughout the country. Also, if you want to hire a car, you can do it in Accra. Both self-drive and cars with drivers are acceptable options, but it can be rather expensive. Roads in urban areas are in good condition, although some remote roads can be rather poor. Cars drive on the right side of the road here. 

In Ghana, they use electric sockets of types G and D, so bring an adapter. The standard voltage is 230V. 

Scientific evidence says that humans have inhabited Ghana since the Bronze Age. Because of this, the country has a rich culture in cuisine, art, and language. There is also a huge diversity of soups and stews around that can make your mouth water. Additionally, the art of Adinkra printing is unique to the country of Ghana. It was developed in the 13th century.

The tourist industry is the fourth highest earner of foreign exchange for the country. Visitors come to Ghana from South America, Asia, Europe and North America. Approximately, a million tourists come to Ghana annually. The country offers its visitors a warm, tropical climate year-round, diverse wildlife, exotic waterfalls, exotic sandy beaches, caves, mountains and rivers. Ghana also boasts meteorite impact craters and reservoirs, which are now lakes, such as Lake Bosumtwi. The country owns the largest man-made lake in the world, Lake Volta, and the largest waterfall in West Africa, Wli Waterfall. There are also numerous castles and forts, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, nature reserves and national parks around Ghana.

The major tourist sites include Kakum National Park, Mole National Park, Ankasa National Park, Cape Coast Castle, Elmina Castle and Nzulezo.

By the way, Ghana is the fifty-fourth most peaceful country in the world. However, to enter the country, you will need a visa and a vaccination certificate against yellow fever. 

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