Geographically, Russia dominates Eastern Europe. However, there are several smaller countries within this region. Four sub-regions, the Baltics, the Balkans, East Central Europe and Southeastern Europe comprise Eastern Europe. Countries like Poland, Russia, Croatia, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania & Moldova, Serbia, Albania and many other nations are within this region.

Countries of Eastern Europe

Russia is the largest country in the area. Russia has a high level of climatic, geographic and cultural diversity due to its vast size. The capital city, Moscow, is where the culture and history of Russia take root. Consequently, it attracts many tourists. For travelers who want a balance of urban and rural, please visit Poland. This country has quaint villages as well as vibrant cities like the capital, Warsaw. 

Slovakia is famous for the magnificent castles in its scenic countryside. Furthermore, Bratislava is where most of Slovakia’s population goes to party. During the festival season, it is crazy fun out there!

Curious travelers who want to explore untrodden paths should visit Romania. The famous castle of Dracula stands there. Plus, centuries old tales wait to be uncovered in the dramatic land of Romania.

Serbia is a home for wannabes. The young entrepreneurs, travelers, and adventure seekers come here to stay in this underrated country. Next on the list is the ancient Lithuania. This country had several great rulers who guided the land to prosperity. Thus, there are many castles to explore and historical destinations to discover.

The peaceful nation of Estonia comes alive during Christmas. Did you know that the Christmas tree originated in Estonia? Another medal to add to the Eastern European bag of glory. Slovenia might be tiny, but it is full of surprises. From quirky museums to scenic waterfront towns, Slovenia has got it all. 

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