Once a rival of Venice, the Croatian city of Dubrovnik lives up to its past glory even now. The stunning sculptures, the complex architecture and the coastal beauty of the Adriatic sea make this city a luxury Mediterranean destination.

It is up to you whether you opt for the vibrant Elaphiti Islands or the quaint towns of Kotor.


Dubrovnik is home to several centuries of Croatian history. Just a few of the many historical sites worth visiting are the Bell Tower (at the entrance of the city), Roland’s Column (in front of the Bell Tower), Sponza Palace (West of the Bell Tower), and Pile Gate.

You can spend your day walking through the Placa Stradun, which comes alive with busy shops and baroque architecture. Whatever you do, do not miss a chance to climb and walk along the city walls early in the morning.

A spectacular bird’s eye view of the entire town of Dubrovnik greets you at the top of these walls. The Dominican Monastery and the Church of St. Sebastian are just a few of the gorgeous churches in Dubrovnik.


The Dubrovnik International Airport caters to flights from London, Amsterdam, Rome, Zurich, Paris, Istanbul and many other major cities. The airport is 20 km from the main city center; bus transfers come in handy for tourists.

To do a bus transfer, first, take a taxi to one of the main bus stations like Kantafig. Next, choose your final destination and ride a bus the remainder of the way. 


Hostel Marker in old town elevates the standard for hostels everywhere by offering a variety of services. Many of the hostels in Dubrovnik provide excellent services with a traditional touch. Youth Hostel and Dubrovnik’s Backpacker’s Club are the best hostels in Croatia.

Guest houses like Letizia and Petrusic are safe and budget-friendly accommodations.


All appliances in Croatia use 230V. If your devices function at 110V, then you will need a transformer. Type C and F power outlets are used throughout Croatia. Make sure to pack a travel adapter if your country does not use Type C or F outlets.

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