Zurich has an undeniable attraction to tourists. Not just because it is the gateway of Switzerland, but because this city has what it takes to capture the hearts of adventurers. From the unique gastronomy and swanky clubs to artsy theaters and excellent museums, Zurich has the features, which are key to the growth of tourism. 

Sights of the City

You might think there is only Lake Zurich here. However, gorgeous scenery and meadows surround the beautiful Lake Promenade. Groosmünster is not a gross monster! It is a Romanesque cathedral that offers a spectacular view of the city from the church tower. After visiting a religious place, then move on to a place of sin. Langstrasse region sports glitzy bars and sexy strip clubs. Why not have a night out with friends and get naughty?

Shopaholics can visit Bahnhofstrasse. Here you can search through the trendy shops to buy items of your choice. Zurich West has grown to become a tourist attraction because of the great activities it offers. A Climb to Freitag tower, a food tour of Viadukt and shopping under the complex architecture of the city, the choice is yours. Hiking in Üetliberg has a major perk. During your hike, visit the Planetenweg, and walk along a model of the solar system which adorns the hill. Plus, if you can are looking to ski you can take a quick train ride to the popular Flumserberg resort.

When you are looking for silent time alone, you can take a walk to Lindenhof. The view of the Roman fort opening up across the scene of the city is breath-taking. Museums like Jacob Coffee Museum, Rietberg Museum, and Kunsthaus are examples of the diverse cultural heritage of Zurich. 

Getting around the city is comfortable and easy. The public transportation network is efficient with fast trams and bus services across the cities. To move across Lake Zurich, you can take a boat. However, the roads are always busy, which can be a nightmare for visitors.


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