Paris! No amount of adjectives can describe the essence of this French city. It has everything that it needs to make it one of the best destinations in the world. It is a dream destination for every traveler.

The city has many attractions which will leave you breathless. The romantic hue to get your gorgeous photographs, the architectural genius to look at, the designer boutiques to shop from and the gourmet diversity is enough to wow a visitor.

Thus, you can have fun just strolling down the cobblestone pathways and soaking in the beauty of the city. However, there are a few locations which you can’t help but visit.

Things To Do In Paris

The whole city is divided into twenty districts. The launching pad of the trip should be the 1st district. It holds the famous landmark of Arch de Triomphe du Carrousel.

From there head to the economic hub of the city, Bourse. You can buy a map and help yourself along with directions. Since the streets are named in a systematic way, you should have no problem getting around.

Paris has a pleasant climate because of the effects of the Atlantic ocean. Both summer and fall are a good time to visit. Winters are moderate and damp.



If you want to click a selfie with your favorite movie star or a famous icon, then head to this fabulous location. In this museum, you will find wax statues of famous people from around the world.

You can pose with the life-like figures and capture the selfie of a lifetime. What are you waiting for? Go ahead!



Are you a fan of wine? Well, we are! Wine is the reason why Ô Chateau has made it on this list. This wine bar has an exquisite collection of wine from all around France.

Just head to the bar and you can begin your wine tour; while you are there, take a class on wine. If that is not enough, you can even take a champagne cruise on the Seine. You can book trips to the vineyard you prefer and enjoy the taste of wine.



Your journey will be unfulfilled if you do not visit this magnificent castle, which is home to one of the top gardens in the world. Plus, the fountain show is one stunning sight you have to see if you are in Paris.

Located in the Ilè-de-France region, it used to house the Royals. The majestic architecture and luxurious gardens are a beauty for all to enjoy.



Taking a Bateaux Parisiens River Cruise can be an unforgettable experience. What better way to view the city of canals than on the river?

You can sail on the River Seine and watch the incredible scenery around the city pass by, which is guaranteed to be relaxing. Why not indulge in the romance of Paris in an entirely different way?


Louvre is one of the world’s most famous museums and one of the most popular tourist spots in Paris. The line can be huge during the high season, so it is better to come early in the morning.

Plus, with your ticket, you can enter and leave as many times during one day, as you wish, so you can stay in from morning till evening, admiring the Venice, the Mona Lisa, and other famous artifacts, with a break for lunch.

Another tip is to get your ticket online, which allows you to use the separate entrance, where you will skip huge lines to the cashiers. 


The Louvre is famous worldwide as one of the largest and most esteemed museums. Plus, it is an important symbol of French culture and history. The Louvre holds famous artworks and masterpieces from many artists.

Just on the right of the River Seine, the Louvre Museum sports around thirty-five thousand antiques. This four-century-old museum even houses the vast sculpture of Nike of Samothrace, amongst its other treasures.

Other Famous Spots

Other remarkable tourist destinations are Arc de Triomphe de I’ Étoile (majestic view of the city), Château de Versailles (home of Louise XVI), Notre Dame Cathedral (Gothic architecture), the Catacombs (Underground Cemetery), the Eiffel Tower ( defining landmark), The Louvre (one of the world’s best museums) and the Paris Opera (theater), among others.

Les Champs Elysee is the busiest street in Paris. The name is translated as “The Fields of Elysee”. However, you will find no fields here, but the most luxury shops and restaurants.

La Tour Eifel (The Eifel Tower) is the most famous site not just in Paris, but in the whole of France. The lines can take hours, even during the low season. However, for those, who bought a ticket of the Internet, there is a separate entrance.

The line there is shorter. Also, if you are limited in time, you can skip this part of Paris, admire the tower from the ground (it is particularly beautiful during the dark time) and watch the Paris from Montmartre hill, which is not worse. 

Montmartre is a place of artists and musicians. It also boasts numerous unique monuments, sights, and places. It is an area, where you can wander for hours, every time finding something new and interesting.

Also, if you want to have hot chocolate in a traditional French cafe or just lunch with your friends, consider Montmartre, as prices here are twice as low as in the city center. You can have your portrait painted or buy a cute old postcard on Montmartre as well. 

Sacre Coeur (Cathedral of the Saint Heart) is well worth visiting. This magnificent cathedral crowning the Montmartre hill is definitely a pearl of this part of the city.

Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral is a unique example of Gothic architecture, described by Victor Hugo in his eternal novel. It is fabulous on both inside and outside and is definitely worth a visit. 

Musee d’Orsey offers a grand collection of impressionism and other modern art styles. It is not as popular as the Louvre, however, waiting in line can still take several hours.

If you are really into impressionism, you can’t miss the Marmottan Monet Museum, located on 2, rue Louis-Boilly. It has a big collection of works by Claude Monet, including his very first work The Sunrise. 

Versaille Palace, the residence of King Louis XIV, is also a very famous place in Paris. It is situated in the suburbs, however, can be reached by RER train. It will take you the whole day to wander through beautiful gardens, admiring statues, fountains, and the luxurious interiors of the palace itself. 

Getting Around Paris

Charles de Gaulle International Airport is an important airport. Orly international airport is located in the southwest part of the city. Metros connect the famous tourist hotspots. If you want to feel the classic atmosphere, just take the bus.

The River Seine, a World Heritage site, provides another type of transport for travelers.

You can take a boat around Notre Dame and the Eiffel tower, all while you enjoy the lights of Paris. Cars are the worse option in this city because it gets extremely crowded. You can rent a bike and easily wander around the city.

Taxis are also a life-saving option in here because they are cheap. But there are few of them and they get stuck in traffic jams in the morning.

By foot

Most travelers agree that the best way to get around Paris is by foot. Not only do you get healthy exercise from walking, but Paris is a city where you’ll always find something interesting to see along your way. There are plenty of hidden treasures that you will only discover on foot.

However, if you are not used to walking much, or the sight you want to see is far away from your accommodations, you will need to use a taxi or public transportation. Taxis can be rather expensive, so if you are a budget tourist, transit is your choice.

There are several ways to get around Paris.


Paris Metro is one of the oldest and biggest underground systems in the world. It services around 300 stations and it will bring you to almost any part of the city. Some stations, especially outside of the city center, can be rather dirty and unpleasant. On the other hand, it is the fastest way to get around.

The large Paris Metro system can be a little confusing if you are visiting for the first time. So, we recommend studying it in advance. The Metro in Paris is open from 5:30 am until 12:30 am (until 2 am on Fridays and Saturdays).

A single ticket costs €1,90 and allows you to ride underground (metro and RER) or over ground (bus and tram) transport for 90 minutes. You can make as many connections as you like within this time frame. However, you can only transfer between Metro/RER and bus/tram.

For example, you can’t go from metro to bus on the same ticket. If you are planning to use transportation often, it would be wise to save some money and buy Le carnet (a book of 10 tickets), a weekly pass, a monthly pass or a Paris Visite Travel Card.

A weekly pass costs €22.15 (+ €5 for the card) and is valid from Monday through Sunday. A monthly pass is €73 (+ €5 for the card) and is valid from the first day until the last day of the month. You will also need to have a passport size photo for the card.

The Paris Visite card can be issued for 1, 2, 3 or 5 days and costs from €5,80  to €63,90, depending on the area of use (center or suburbs), age (child or adult) and the number of days. This card gives you access to all means of public transport within the city.

You can buy tickets and travel cards from the ticket office at the Metro station and in automatic ticket machines. You need to hold the validated ticket until the end of the ride.


The Réseau Express Régional (RER) is a kind of Paris suburban train, which can bring you to Paris airports, Disneyland and the Versailles palace. It has several stops on the city line, where you can exchange from Metro to RER with the same ticket.

But, if you want to go outside of the city, you will need an entirely different RER ticket. Prices for RER tickets vary from €3,55 to €10, depending on where you want to go. You will also be able to ride RER outside of Paris with a Paris Visite card for suburbs (transport zones 1-5).

By Bus

There are over 325 bus lines within Paris and its suburbs. It is slower than the Metro, but you can enjoy the view from your window while riding from point A to point B. The bus costs the same as the Metro, unless you buy a ticket right on the bus, in which case it will be a little bit more expensive.

You can use a single ticket, a weekly or monthly pass, and a travel card to ride the bus. Don’t forget to validate your ticket, when you board. Otherwise, you will have to pay a fine.

By Bicycle

If you don’t like walking but love bicycling, Paris is the city for you. There is a Vélib bike rental program, which offers three-speed unisex bikes. You can pick up a bike at any part of the city, and return it to any other station. Furthermore, you will need your credit card to pay for this service.

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