Namibia, Nigeria, Chad, Zambia, Uganda, and Sudan surround Central Africa. There are eight countries in the Central African Region. Furthest north is the Central African Republic. East of the CAR is South Sudan, and West of it is Cameroon.

Furthermore, in the central part is Equatorial Guinea, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Republic of Congo and Gabon. Angola is in the south.

Things To Do In Central Africa

Once a fishing village, Kinshasa is now the capital of the Democratic Congo. The capital city of Equatorial Guinea has hardly any infrastructure.

Enjoy a ride through Garamba National Park, the oldest national park in Africa. Another world heritage site is Manovo Gounda St Floris National Park, known for its incredible flora and fauna.

Travelers should take caution if planning to visit Central Africa Republic. Currently, the situation is unstable. Thus it can be dangerous for travelers. However, those who want to take the risk, have lush jungles and desert landscapes waiting for them.

Cameroon is archetypal for the entire region. It has a diverse natural landscapes, from sub-Saharan plains to dense rainforests.

South Sudan is an infant. It has yet to develop and make its ground as a country. If you opt to travel here, you need to do it like a local on unkept and bumpy roads.

Gabon is one of the prosperous countries of Central Africa. It has a powerhouse of oil refineries that boost the economy. The Republic of Congo abounds in forests, and thus it appeals to nature lovers.

Visiting Equatorial Guinea is like walking on a thin rope. It can be exciting but dangerous. The swanky bars and vibrant nightlife can be a temptation, but the economic disparity has increased the crime rates.

Angola is the southernmost country in Central Africa. It is an off beat destination for tourists and is a peaceful place to travel.

Brazzaville, Goma, Libreville, Luanda, Malabo and Yaoundè are important cities in Central Africa. There is an unending list of natural reserves you must visit.

Garamba National Park (Republic of the Congo), Loango National Park (Gabon), Dzanga Sangha National Reserve (Republic of the Congo), Virunga National Park, and Maiko National Park are the remarkable ones.

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