The ancient wisdom and old tales always hold a mysterious lure for common folk. One such myth is the Ley lines which supposedly covers the entire Earth. It’s invisible to the human eye but a special magnetic field or earth’s energy can be sensed if one walks over it.

What is a Ley Line? What is its significance? And above all, what is the reason for the existence of it?

arcadian ley lines earth's energy field

Ley Lines

Scientifically speaking, Ley lines are like an energy grid system. They are often straight and move along in all directions. They connect various places of ancient religious and spiritual significance, often including human-made megastructures.

Spiritually speaking, these paths were known to almost all ancient civilizations. For example, to the Germans, these were known as “Heilige Linien”, to the Irish, “Fairy paths”, to the Chinese, “Dragon Lines”,  to the Peruvians, “Spirit Lines”, and to the Australian Aborigines, “Song Paths”. These routes and landscapes are believed to have spiritual significance.

ley lines of earth

In 1929 the term Ley lines first held its importance. If you take a closer look at the world map then you can see that many important structures are at a straight line path from each other. Not only that the distance between them is also geometrically meaningful. For example the Stonehenge, Great Pyramids of Egypt, and Great Wall of China.

Many people believe that Ley Lines are grid lines of Earth which hold the energies of Earth. There are many theories behind the puzzle of Ley Lines or The Old Straight Track. Below are a few to sate your curiosity.

Magnetic Field of Earth

According to the Chinese Art of Feng Shui, every building, every stone, every tree, every object should be in a position of harmony with the Earth’s magnetic and spiritual energy field. They believed that the dragon currents or the Earth’s magnetic field flowed in the grid of Ley Lines.


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Earth has its own magnetism, and maybe the Ley Lines are the imaginary lines along which the magnetism of the Earth flowed. It is also a belief that the dragon currents determine the routes of sun, moon, and planets.

Astronomical Alignments

Astronomical alignments of the Ley Lines is not a common hypothesis. The first significant Ley line to be traced was determined from crossing through Stonehenge.

To our ancient ancestors, the earth’s landscape was a canvas upon which humans connected points on the ground with points in the sky. The Sun, Moon, Stars, and the change of seasons was critical to our species survival. Most megalithic constructions are connected in a straight line or triangular pattern.


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This St. Michael’s Ley Line runs from Great Yarmouth to Penzance. The interesting fact about it is – it follows the path of midsummer sunrise, and connects Stonehenge, Glastonbury, and Avebury which are all ancient Megalith sites.

Spirit Ways or Death Roads

Spirit ways or Death Roads is the most mysterious theory of all. In most of the cultures, there are beliefs that the soul takes it path after death. We had seen evidence in history when the dead bodies got buried with valuable goods that were required in after-life.

Example of ley line in Britain United Kingdom

There are many Funerary English traditions in which the paths of the dead get marked. Mourners carry pebbles which they threw at certain spots on their way to the grave. And it was a way for souls to know the route (as believed).

British also followed –no going over a bridge twice holding a corpse. All these traditions point towards the existence of an unseen spiritual path, something like the Ley Lines.

Dream Time

The Aborigines of Australia believe that there was a time in history called the – Dream time. It is at this time that the Creative Gods came to this land and traversed the country.


And they laid certain paths called “Turingas” which hold energies. At certain times of the year, the energy in this paths gets revitalized and fertilizes the countryside.

Spirit Lines of Inca

The Incans believed the presence of supernatural energy on Earth, that is why they created “Ceques” or “Spirit Lines”. These lines were sacred pathways and often marked by stones, springs, and temples. Most of them ended at the foot of Holy Mountains.


You will not find the explanation of Ley Lines in any geography book because officially they do not exist. But the idea of a hidden network of energy lines across the earth is intriguing enough to fire the imagination, and hence it became a New Age interest.

What do you think about these ancient energy tracks? Will you walk one of these to seek what you may be seeking?

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