A mysterious yet inviting puzzle of the Neolithic age stands in the plains of Salisbury, England. Stonehenge is just one of many Neolithic artifacts which lie on a 2,000-acre farm. Durrington Walls and Woodhenge (both within two miles from Stonehenge) are other popular sites in the area.

Many historic structures, including burial mounds, surround the land of Stonehenge World Heritage Site region. This is a place that should be in your bucket list.


Rent a car from the LHR (London-Heathrow Airport) and reach Amesbury by taking the M3 motorway. Besides cars, trains are also available that will take you from London – Waterloo Station to Salisbury. After reaching the railway station, hire a taxi and ask it to take you to your final destination. 


In the past, Stonehenge was a ritual site for pagans during the solstices and the equinoxes. Every year pagan believers visited the site and surrounded it in a circle while performing a ceremony (now lost to time). 

Tip: What better way to see Stonehenge than on a solstice or equinox? Visit on June 21st or December 23rd to witness the modern version of this ancient ceremony. 


If you hire a guide in Salisbury, they can give you a morning tour of Stonehenge. This tour includes the famous circle of stones, which is seldom possible during regular tours. There is a structure called “The Avenue” which joins Stonehenge to the River Avon. On your way through the Avenue, you will see King Barrows Ridge. This ridge is the best place to view Stonehenge.

Woodhenge is a modern attempt to recreate Stonehenge. Wooden pillars align with each other to form a similar structure. Next visit the Durrington Walls, which harbor evidence of Neolithic villages.


Travelodge is the nearest you can get to Stonehenge. If you plan on exploring the area for more than one day, then Travelodge is a great option. Camping is cheap around these parts, but no camping grounds are present in an eight-mile radius around Stonehenge. You can easily make it a day trip without having to stay the night (as there is nothing else here, to be honest).


The United Kingdom uses 220 V- 240 V devices. The sockets are Type G. American tourists will need a step-up transformer. You need to bring a travel adapter to fit the proper socket type. Check out the above-linked page to see the photos and other useful information. A travel adapter is needed for tourists who are not from Ireland, Malaysia, or Singapore.

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