Winter is on its way and Santa is ready to fulfill your wishes. If you are thinking of traveling and if you want to spend Christmas away from home, then read on.

Christmas season delights all. Around the world, this time of the year brings happiness and joy. They say it is best to celebrate Christmas at home. But away from your comfortable home, there are places where you will love spending the Christmas holidays. Below are some gorgeous pictures of Christmassy destinations. Merry Christmas!

MALTA tree-christmas-balls-decoration PD

The wonderful exhibit of cute cribs in the Maltese islands will make you want to see baby Jesus soon. A colorful display of festivities accompanied by melodious carol singing will fill your heart with joy. You can visit the St John’s Cathedral, where you will come across the carollers. Not only do the carols echo through the city, the light decorations on Republic street make this city look like a bride ready for her groom.


You should, at least once in your life, watch the Three Kings parade through the city of Barcelona, Spain. It is a Christmas custom that the city has followed for many years. The Kings walk up to the Mayor of the City, who offers them the keys to the city. Be a part of the enthusiastic ceremony and cheer while the canons fire. But like any other Christmas destination, all museums and shops will have holidays on Christmas. Don’t worry about starving; the restaurants will stay open.


While many people chose to stay home and others fly to cities to have a blast during Christmas, you can go to the quaint town of Bath, England. It is an enchanting getaway from busy city streets. Oh, it will get busy here too. Just wait till the wooden chalets open, and you see the exquisite items on display. Under the shadow of Bath Abbey, the shops lit with lanterns sell Christmas goods. It does not end with shopping here; you can also see the “Light Switching festival.”


toys-plush-toys-plush-figures PDMaybe you want to eat delicious Bratwurst or go shopping in Nuremberg Christkind market to gift your loved ones something special. The candlelight on the Georgian setting of the town will take you back to medieval times. If luck favors you, then you will witness the stagecoach that rides through the market.

REYKJAVIK, ICELANDfir-tree-christmas-christmas-tree PD

We move away from the traditional atmosphere of cities and go back to a rustic environment because this is where you can feel the true essence of Christmas. When you see the pretty little huts dotted along the streets of Reykjavik in Iceland, you’ll want to know stories that each hut hides. But you cannot barge into someone’s house. So we recommend you visit the Christmas market. It sells local handicrafts and food as well.


Do you want to see a real sleigh? Forget about going to a club in a limo for Christmas or New Year’s Eve.

santa-with-sleigh-christmas pd

What about a sleigh and room full of presents? Valkenburg in Holland is the most Christmassy that a town can ever get. The Velvet Cave changes to a Christmas market. It is nothing like your typical mall. The walls display impressive mural paintings which act as a background for the beautiful stalls. There is also a chapel where you can offer your prayers.

SANTA CLAUScelebrate-celebration-chimney PD

In Indiana, every day is Christmas. Kiddos who want Santa to fill up their stocking send their wish list to Santa Claus. With only 3000 residents, this little town in Indiana is the perfect setting to enjoy a cozy Christmas.

LAPLAND, FINLAND christmas-christmas-cookies-sweets PD

Christmas is incomplete without gingerbread cookies. Take your family with you to this Christmas capital in the north. You can write your wishes down with a traditional quill. And your kiddos can take admission exams for elf school. Nothing quite compares with the bells jingling in the freezing northern capital while you celebrate with your family!

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