Malta is located in Southern Europe. It is an archipelago country in the Mediterranean Sea. The countries close to it are ItalyTunisia, and Libya.

Malta is one of the smallest and also most densely populated countries in the world. The capital of the country is Valletta. At a size of only 0.8 km2, Valletta is the smallest capital in the European Union.

As a holiday destination, it has always been popular and there is such a huge variety of things to see and do it can be difficult to fit it all in with just one visit.

Things To Do In Malta

The clear blue sea, which surrounds Malta, is ideal for scuba diving. Also, numerous underwater caves, wrecks, and reefs make every diving experience unique.

Malta is one of the most famous wedding and honeymoon destinations in Europe. It is also a popular place for those, who are in search of rich historical and cultural heritage.

Malta and the islands around it are full of history, but this is not overwhelming and mixes well with modern life. Some of the top places to visit in Malta will make you feel like you have traveled back in time, but you still have all the modern amenities you would expect.

Doesn’t matter, what you are looking for in your vacation. Malta will not disappoint you!


The whole town of Valletta is a UNESCO World Heritage site sitting on the Eastern side of the Island. The Knights of St. John built this city and it was decreed that it should be ‘a city built by gentlemen for gentlemen’. Even today, as ‘one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world’, it retains much of its 16th-century elegance.

Apart from all the hotels, restaurants, bars and other places to eat, drink and relax, you can visit the Grand Master’s Palace, the National Museum of Archaeology, City Gate, the National War Museum, Parliament Building, Fort St Elmo and a whole host of other places of interest.


Gozo is the second largest of the Maltese Islands and is ones of the places that is well worth a visit while you are holidaying in Malta. There are regular ferries between the two islands, so getting there is easy.

Once there you will find some of the most stunning scenery in the Maltese Peninsular, and opportunities to enjoy rock climbing, biking, hiking, swimming and watching opera.

Gozo is considered to be the premier Mediterranean destination for diving and also hold championships in other sports. There is also some amazing cuisine made from locally grown foods and wines from the island.

The island’s inhabitants are friendly and welcoming and will encourage you to visit places like the Citadel and the Ggantija Temples, both extremely important historical monuments for this area.

The Citadel has in its grounds museums, restaurants, markets, and Independence Square, so you need to allow yourself more than a couple of hours to make the most of this enchanting place.

There are many small villages on the island, all of which hold their own festivals at different times of year. In the main city of Victoria, you can also enjoy carnivals as well as several religious festivals that date back centuries.


Just 5 miles from Valletta, Sliema is the place to visit if you are a shopaholic. It is known as the place to go for the largest choice of foods and shops and is fast becoming one of the most popular holiday destinations.

It is the starting point for the tour buses that cover the whole of Malta and offers lots of boat trips from the Grand Harbour. As you would expect in any resort town, Sliema has a vibrant nightlife with something to suit all tastes.


If you want to experience medieval Malta, just head inland to Mdina. You will have to leave your car outside the fortified walls though as unless you are one of the 300 residents that live within the walls, an emergency vehicle, or a wedding car, motor vehicles are forbidden.

This has earned it the nickname of the ‘Silent City’. This concept of no cars, which many people fail to understand, is making Mdina one of the most popular places in Malta to visit.

As for centuries nobility made Mdina their home, there are impressive palaces and houses lining some of its narrow streets. There is also St Pauls Grotto, the Roman Villa catacombs and several fine churches and monasteries to visit.


This virtually uninhabited island is much enjoyed by surfers, divers, snorkelers and those wishing to get as much peace and quiet as they can. It has white sandy beaches, an intense blue sea and is home to the famous Blue Lagoon.

If you want a swim or a nice long nap in the sun, you will struggle to find anywhere that feels as good as Comino to enjoy these things.

Ferries to the island run on a regular basis from Malta.

Hagar Qim

Sitting right on top of a cliff, the standing stones of Hagar Qim and Mnajdra are an awesome sight. They are one of the best-preserved monuments from prehistoric times, and some of them have been restored to give a feel of what they were originally like.

This is the location where the famous Venus de Malta was discovered, which is now on show in the National Museum in Valletta.

Have You Booked Your Holiday In Malta?

If you have booked a holiday in Malta, you will find numerous more places of interest, villages to visit and things to do than have been mentioned here. The islands are also well known for their fresh produce, fish, and winemaking, so be sure to sample some while you are there.

Malta has everything tourists need and no matter what type of holiday you are after, you will find something to suit.

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The official languages of Malta are English and Maltese. Malta has been ruled by various powers throughout history, as strategically, it is a great naval base.

The country isn’t ethnically diverse, with Maltese people forming 95% of the population.

Culture and Religion

The major religion followed is Roman Catholicism. Being part of the European Union, the currency of Malta is the Euro. The culture of Malta draws inspiration from the influences of numerous countries, which ruled it. 

Currency & Money

The official currency is Euro. The currency exchange is available at banks, bureaux de change, some hotels, larger shops, and restaurants. Automatic foreign exchange machines are available at various locations on the islands.

The best rates of exchange will always be at the banks. Also, some hotels, larger shops, and restaurants accept foreign currency. Major international credit cards are easily acceptable and ATMs are available widely. 

How To Get Around Malta

Taxis are not hard to find on the islands. You can also hire a car if you want. It is easy to do at the airport or from multiple local companies across the country. The rates are among the cheapest in Europe.

Left Vs. Right Side Driving

Cars drive on the left here. The main roads are in good quality, although you should be careful when driving the smaller roads.

Electricity & Plug Type

Malta uses the three-pin rectangular electrical plug, as in Great Britain. However, if you forget an adapter, it is very easy to find one on the island. The usual voltage is 230V.

Best Time To Visit Malta

Summer is high season in Malta, so there can be too many tourists on the islands. If you want more peace and quietness, along with warm sea and pleasant temperatures, come between April and June or in September-October. The weather is warm and sunny during these periods, with occasional rainfalls. However, the sea is warmer in autumn.

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