Quirky spots are places you visit to make your trip exciting. You are obviously going to visit New York City and Palms Spring but if you want a cool trip, you need to do something else. Nowadays the unconventional is new cool.

There is probably a long list of destinations that you will visit while in the USA. The below-mentioned places are few quirky stops that we have selected in the USA. It will make your trip memorable.


It can also be called the American version of Stonehenge. Located in New Hampshire, it is considered the largest stone structure in North America. It is incredible to see a four-thousand-year-old structure still standing. How it was built is still a mystery. But it doesn’t reduce the accuracy of it’s calculating annual solar and lunar events. This unusual place will charm you.

1200px-four_corners_nm_reconstructed_monument_in_2010_CCFour Corners, NM, reconstructed monument in 2010 by Rich Torres CC BY-SA 3.0


This is a place which attracts around 2,50,000 tourists annually. An important monument where four states of USA meet. The four states are Utah, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado. A bronze disk is set at this point. It is located near tech nos pos, Arizona. You want to make your friends jealous then take a selfie here and post it on social media. It’s going to be -bam!One of the new and quirky spots in the USA.


Made at around 1950. It is currently displayed at Leon Myers stamp center at boys town, Nebraska. This large ball is six hundred pounds. It is huge as you can see it having a diameter of around thirty inches. The collection has around 4,655,000 stamps. It was made by boys stamp collecting club. Seeing this is totally different from lounging at a luxury hotel but if you love color or stamps you can’t say no to this cool spot.

1200px-mammoth_cave_tour_CCMammoth Cave tour by Daniel Schwen CC BY-SA 4.0


The largest underground lake in America as stated by Guinness book of world records. Sailing around the lost sea will give you a sense of adventure. You can trace the twenty thousand years old jaguar tracks. Take a ride on glass-bottom boat  140 feet below. And witness the wild and ancient caves which have stood here for years. Another perfect quirky spot to cover while you are visiting the USA.

key-west-southernmost-point-usa_PDKEY WEST

Built-in 1983. This place is made of a concrete buoy. Located at just 90 km from Cuba. Marked as the southernmost point of America this place attracts around one million visitors around a year. It is present in south and whitehead street of key west. What makes it one of the quirky spots is You can bask in the cool ocean air and snap a picture here. It’s going to make your friends red with envy.


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