Rhode Island is a state in the northeast of the United States. The state has a coastline on the Atlantic Ocean in the south. In addition, Massachusetts borders the state in the Northeast and Connecticut in the West. It also has a maritime border with New York.

The first European-American settlement in the state was called Providence Plantation. Rhode Island was one of the 13 original colonies and the last one to ratify the Constitution of the United States. Today, it is the smallest state in America.

However, it is the second-most densely populated (after New Jersey). It also has the longest official name. The capital of the state is Providence, also the largest city in the state.

Unofficially, many refer to Rhode Island as “The Ocean State.” Plus, tourists love it for its beaches, farms, rich culture, fascinating outdoor getaways, the fishing village of Point Judith and the historic city of Newport.

Things To Do In Rhode Island

It is easy to see what attracts visitors to Rhode Island. Even though Rhode Island is small, it offers a surprising amount of popular tourist attractions.

The state is home to miles of pristine beaches, an idyllic island, and magnificent bikeways along the coast. Plus, a rich industrial history, numerous museums for every taste, and a number of professional and community theaters provide a profound sense of culture. History is in the air in this quaint state. There is truly something for everyone to enjoy.

This little island has every feature that has made it the playground of the rich. From grand chateaus to booming economy. This ocean city has many things to entertain you while you are on tour.

You can walk along the beaches or sightsee the elegant mansions of the super-rich. There is a laboratory where you can observe the night sky. Doesn’t that sound cool? Do not forget to do these things in Rhodes island.

Walk Along Water-Fire Providence

The Woonasquatucket River is flanked on two sides by Riverwalk and Waterplace Park. The river which was hidden by roadways has now been brought to notice. You can walk along the riverside walkways or cross the footbridge.

The beauty of the river is unfolded during spring and summer. The locals light bonfires on pans. Thousands of bonfires float on the river. It is a delightful sight. You can groove to the tune of street performers. Light up your evening.

Trip to the Lighthouse

Block Island can be a hard place to reach. You will have to use a ferry from Galilee to reach it. When you reach the new harbor you will have to book a lodge. Take a walk to the lighthouses or you can ride to it. The southeast lighthouse was about to fall.

But it was moved back from Mohegan Bluffs. They are at a height of 200 feet from the ocean. On your way to the north lighthouse, you can watch around one hundred and fifty species of birds.

A Day at the Beach

If you crave soaking in the sun or sand between your toes Narragansett Bay beaches are your answer. There are an array of beaches you can spend your day at. Head south of Providence. You will find the Narragansett town beach.

It is close to the town that is why easily accessible. There are also Matunuck beach state park and Scarborough state beach. You can have a dip in the beach or surf in the deep waters near Long Islands.


Newport is a world-famous sailing capital and a home for the famous mansions of the Gilded Age. The mansions resemble the palaces of the European royal families. Plus, Newport was the state’s major destination for the super-rich community in the early 20th century.

On the other hand, Portland with its marked restaurants, award-winning theater, fabulous art scene, and beautiful river walk, is also full of history and culture. Lastly, Portland attracts hundreds of thousands of tourists every year.

Sightseeing Mansions

Rhodes island is known for lavish mansions of the wealthy. There are tons of options you have to see.

The Bellevue Avenue has a line of luxury mansions. They were built in an age when palaces were in vogue. The majestic view of blue water crashing on the shores is priceless. A walk along the cliff from The Breakers to Marble House will give you a dose of incredible architecture.

Gaze at the Night Sky

If you are regular club-goer, you can miss out on something on a Friday night. While in Rhodes island give up a day at the club and come to Frosty Drew Observatory. In this place, you will not see the man-made glitter of lights but the true twinkle of stars.

The observatory opens from six in the evening. Gaze at the stars from here. Rhodes island will be memorable for you. It offers you a mixture of quirky activities you can do.

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