New York is a northeastern US state of enormous size with both highly developed city and beautiful natural scenery. It is difficult to do justice to describe this place. There are just so many adjectives that can be used. Whether you are going to the honeymoon hotspot Niagara Falls or the busy streets of New York City or going to enjoy the fall colors in the Upstate New York, this place has it all.

On the Western end of the state are the famous Niagara Falls. This place is visited by tourists from all around the world. Buffalo City is also a powerhouse of culture and adventure. Below it is the southern part of New York State. The region is comparatively rural, but it can be visited by tourists who are seeking a quiet vacation.

East of the Niagara region, there are The Finger Lakes. Waterfront towns offer a spectacular view and water activities. This region also has beautiful wineries, which provide tours. At the center, you will find the true essence of New York State. The rolling hills, followed by the noisy cities, give you an idea of what New York is all about; the balance between nature – development, ancient- modern.

On the northeast is North Country, which holds the playground of the rich and famous; Thousand Islands. The enchanting taste of wild mountain-scape in Adirondacks will leave you completely speechless. The capital city of Albany threads every part of the state together. It is in the Hudson Valley, where you can feel the colonial atmosphere.

The Southeast part has the Catskills, an untamed rural region. Locals travel here for a quick vacation. Last but, most revered, is New York City. Other important tourist cities are Buffalo, Cooperstown, Binghamton, Rochester, Ithaca, Saratoga Springs and Syracuse.

You can view the stunning vistas in Adirondacks, or visit the Statue of Liberty. Your preference will decide the destination or activity you want to go with. It could be boating in Lake Ontario or strolling at the Great New York Fair, you can have a glimpse of rural as well as the urban side of New York State.

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